Sperm Donation: A Viable Option Essay

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The technology of today’s world is astounding. We have learned how to battle diseases that were once thought to lead to a certain death, we have invented incredible technologies that allow us to communicate with people across the world instantly, and maybe most impressively of all, we are able to create human life. We now hold in our hands the technologies that allow those who may not have been able to conceive naturally to have children they can call their own; children who will enrich their lives in a way nothing else can, and who will continue their names and lives after they are gone. In an age where we have more power than ever to use the bodies and DNA of others for our own benefit, it becomes increasingly important that we remain open-minded and fully understand both the disadvantages and advantages equally and create stricter regulations to control how we as a people progress our civilization.
Many people argue against the idea of sperm donation at all, suggesting that due to the number of children likely to be born from each donor’s sperm that it will increase the chance of unknown incest (Mroz). Although this could certainly be a reality as thing stand now, stricter regulation would stop this from becoming an issue. Just as there are laws that federally mandate that parents put their children in school, specifically for their betterment, we should also federally mandate that the use of a sperm donor must be noted on a child’s birth certificate. Just as with the existing regulations regarding schools, a child’s awareness that they were created using a sperm donor should be so overwhelmingly the right choice that it is law. Other beneficial programs could include mandatory counseling for potential sperm recipients to help them to fully understand the possible risks of not informing their children that they were conceived using donated sperm, and also a limitation on the number of times a donor’s sperm can be used, which does not exist in our country currently. The effect of this lack of limit is very apparent in the article “One Donor, 150 Offspring” in which 150 children have now been registered to the single donor number on an online donor registry website that helps to connect half-siblings who are products of a sperm donor (Mraz). Putting these measures into effect would nearly eliminate the chance of unknown incest becoming a problem.
Many opponents of sperm donation also believe that donation should not be allowed to remain anonymous, citing that this causes negative effects on the resulting children in the long run (Christian Science Monitor); however I believe this should be entirely the donor’s choice. Many countries have already passed laws no longer allowing anonymous donation. According to the article “In Britain, a decline in sperm donors; Anonymous no longer, most say they want to help infertile couples, not just earn extra cash" by the Christian Science Monitor, this ban on anonymous sperm donation has vastly affected...

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