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Sperm Travel Essay A Brief Essay About The Journey Of A Sperm, The Glands And Hormones Involved In Reproduction, And How A Baby Is Born.

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Sperm Travel EssayWhen puberty begins in a male, the hypothalamus starts to produce a few different kinds of hormones that interact with the pituitary gland, which influences many physiological processes of the body. The hypothalamus then secretes a hormone that causes the pituitary gland to release other hormones. Those other two hormones are called Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH) and Luteinizing Hormone (LH). After FSH and LH are released into the bloodstream, they are sent to the testes where FSH starts the production of sperm and LH causes endocrine cells to start producing testosterone, which also influences the production of sperm. The productions of these hormones are controlled by a negative feedback system. If testosterone levels are high, the production of FSH and LH are reduced. If testosterone levels are low, FSH and LH production is increased.In females the same FSH and LH hormones are produced, except in females FSH starts the development of follicles. Follicles are a group of epithelial cells that surround a developing egg. FSH also causes the production of estrogen in females.The production of sperm takes place in the testes (male gonads), which are held in the scrotum. The scrotum is located behind the base of the penis, and according to the temperature, the muscles in the wall of the scrotum contract or expand to keep the temperature right for the production of sperm. Sperm are produced by meiosis in the coiled tubes of the testes, called seminiferous tubules, at a rate of around three hundred million a day. The mitochondria located behind the head of the sperm provide the power for the sperm to move. The head of the sperm contains the nucleus and is covered with a cap of enzymes, which allow the sperm to get into the egg.When the sperm are ready to leave the testes, they move into he epididymis where they are stored and complete their maturation. When the sperm are released from the epididymis, they are pushed through a tubular duct, called the vas deferens, where peristaltic contractions force the sperm to the ejaculatory ducts and urethra. The urethra also transports urine from the bladder. A muscle at the base of the bladder keeps the sperm and urine from mixing. Along the path of the sperm are three glands which aide in the mobilization and protection of the sperm. The first of these three glands is the seminal vesicle, which secretes a fluid rich in sugar fructose to provide energy for the sperm. The next gland the sperm encounter is the prostate gland. The prostate secretes a thin alkaline fluid to...

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