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Title: SPHERE Author: Michael Crichton Copyright: 1987 Main Characters: Harry, Beth, "Jerry", Norman, Ted, Barnes Setting South Pacific under water 1,00 feet under in a cylinder habitat.My name is Norman Johnson and I am a Psychologist. I am 54 and I am married. I have been called to a crash scene before to administer but this wasn't just any crash scene it would change my life.I was called out by the military to a site in the south pacific. I didn't hear any reports of an airline crashes so I thought it must be military craft. When I got to the site there were military craft everywhere. The helicopter dropped me off on the main ship where I was meet by Captain Barnes the leader of this project.I found out I wasn't the only specialist called out on this project. He also called out a marine biologist and science professionals. I started to think that this wasn't just any airline crash. I knew something was up. Later Barnes called a meeting where I learned that we were all here for reason. Barnes told us that a UFO crashed. I was skeptical at first and didn't believe it. Then bares said we are going to go down and take a look at it, I thought this meant them but a few hours later I was going to the bottom in a submarine.The site is 1,000 feet under water which is shallow compared tot he rest of the pacific. At the site there was a huge grid on lights and a massive metallic fin sticking up out of the grid. It was part of the craft and it looked like nothing I have ever seen. We settled into he habitat it was more comfortable then I though it would be it had showers and beds and everything a house had. The only strange thing was your voice… The air down here had a more helium concentrate so it made your voice funny. To prevent this we use ' Breathers" a device that goes around you throat to normalize your speech.At this depth there is almost no sign on life hardly any plants or fish at all. Barnes called a meeting. We have found a craft, which we believe, is 300 years old and may contain life that's why all of u have been called in. Right now we are looking for the "front door" he said. A small probe was sent out to open the door and explore the craft. After it failed at opening the door we were to do it are selves. We all suited up and went to the craft. When we got there on the door in plainenglish there were instruction on how to operate. We all looked at each other is this some kind of joke Beth said. No Barnes said I don't understand it. Well lets follow the instructions then. The door opened and we entered.The craft was strange it looked totally human except more advanced. The metals were none of this world and were much more advanced. The ship was abandoned so far. We found massive amounts of food that must have been for a long journey. There were huge lead walls that must have been made for blocking radiation of large amounts. But why? Why would a ship that looks human be buried underwater and be built for harsh use? We went to the...

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