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Spheres Inside Of Spheres Essay

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The Earth, the planet on which we live, is very complex, although looks like a simple planet. It is made up of three main features: land, air, and water; land on earth is called the lithosphere; the hydrosphere is the Earth's water; and the atmosphere is the air we breathe.The atmosphere, a mixture of gases in the air, took 4.5 billion years to evolve. Methane and ammonia were deadly gases common in ancient atmospheres. Chemical reactions on earth caused the breakdown of theses gases into nitrogen, hydrogen, and carbon dioxide. The atmosphere's first mixture was made up of volcanic matter. Condensation (when water vapor changes back into liquid) occurred, and a lot of volcanic water ...view middle of the document...

The water cycle is the movement of water from fresh water areas and oceans to the air and land, and then back to the oceans again. Evaporation, condensation, and precipitation are the three factors that take place during the water cycle. Heat energy, given off by the sun causes water to change to vapor; plants evaporate as well as fresh water sources and animals. Condensation happens when water vapor changes back into liquid. Precipitation happens when water droplets form in clouds and the clouds become to heavy to float in the air.The lithosphere is the outer part of the earth or the land. It is brittle and make up Earth's surface layer. It is called the crust and underlying the crust is the upper mantle. The lithosphere is made of the heavy oceanic and lighter continental crusts, and the upper portion of the mantle. The Moho or Mohorovicic unevenness divides the crust and mantle. The width of the lithosphere ranges from to around 1 mi (1.6 km) at the mid-ocean ridges to about 80 mi (130 km) underneath older oceanic crust. The width of the continental lithospheric plates is maybe around 185 mi (300 km) but is not accurate because of strange presence of the Moho unevenness. The lithosphere stays on a soft layer called the asthenosphere, above on which the plates of the lithosphere glide.The biosphere is the Earth's thin zone of air, soil, and water that is able to support life from 6 miles into the atmosphere down to the deepest ocean floor. The sun's energy is necessary to support life in this zone, along with circulation of heat and nutrients. The biosphere is the sphere of the Earth and contains all living organisms, such as people, and all organic matter that has not yet decomposed. Life evolved on Earth between about 4.5 and 3.8 billion years ago. The biosphere along with many other spheres distinguishes our planet from all others in the solar system. The chemical reactions such as photosynthesis-respiration, carbonate precipitation have played an important role in the chemical make up of the atmosphere, by reducing conditions to and environment with oxygen to breathe. The biosphere is arranged into a hierarchy known as the food chain where all life is needy. Energy is moved from one level of the food chain...

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