Sphygnomanometers: Automatic Vs Manual Essay

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Research Problem
The research problem is clearly stated in the introduction and various times during the literature review. While it is known that automatic sphygmomanometers are not as accurate when compared to the gold standard of manual sphygmomanometer during single blood pressure readings they are still being used a triage instruments in emergency departments (Dind, Short, Ekholm, & Holdgate, 2011, p. 526). Triage is an essential step in the emergency department and instruments used in triage need to be accurate. Little is known about the accuracy of automatic devices when assessing postural blood pressures. It is shown in this study that orthostatic hypotension is a direct link to what triage category the patient is assigned, which can affect variables such as wait time and care received, so accurate measurement of this is an important factor in the emergency setting (Dind et al., 2011, p. 531).
The research purpose is derived from the research problem. The purpose of this study which was clearly outlined in the introduction section of the paper, sought to determine if automatic blood pressure devices could measure orthostatic hypotension accurately in emergency settings. This purpose was accompanied by research objectives and a hypothesis that focused the study. The objectives in the study sought to find the sensitivity, specificity, positive predictive value and negative predictive value of the automatic devices, clinical and statistical significance in postural drops, and if magnitude influenced blood pressures readings (Dind et al., 2011, p. 527).The authors also predicted in their hypothesis that the automatic devices would be less accurate if the systolic blood pressures were not between 120-180 mmHg which is their validation range (Dind et al., 2011, p. 527). The independent variable noted in the study was the automatic device for blood pressure reading along with the manual blood pressure device. The dependent variable noted in the study was the blood pressure readings obtained during the study. Other variables in the study are eluded to but extraneous variables and demographic variables were not collected, controlled or noted.
Literature Review and Framework
A review of literature is present in the study, however, it is distributed throughout the entire article. The researchers noted that numerous research studies have been performed on automatic devices on single blood pressure readings. Conversely, research on automatic postural hypotensive reading are scarce. Research was also presented on the measurement tools used in the study as a means of validating them as adequate measurement instruments for the study. This segment was not used by the researcher to discuss specifics of the research articles reviewed. This is a drawback of the study because it does not discuss or give additional information from the articles used, causing decreased depth of information. A review of the literature section reveals an adequate number...

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