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Human beings are fascinated by heroes. Joseph Campbell believes that throughout history heroes have followed a hero’s journey model or monomyth. This means that there are common patterns that can be found in many hero stories. Time after time, people have read about heroes leaving the ordinary world to complete the quest that will change mankind and better the hero. While many tasks and challenges may lie in the hero’s way they always return victorious. The Hero serves a dual purpose. Heroes are smart, brave and resilient. They show the world what is possible through hard work and perseverance. Heroes also reflect the fears and limitations that people are faced with. Heros inspires people to ...view middle of the document...

This is also a common milestone in the hero’s journey. Campbell has found that it is common for the hero character to refuse their quest. Once Haku explains that she has the opportunity to save her parents Chihiro accepts her quest.
To begin her quest she must first get a job working in the bathhouse. Chihiro is instructed by Haku to seek out the boiler man named Kamaji. She must ask for a job in the bathhouse and not take no for an answer. Her persistence charms Kamaji and he enlists Lin, a women working in the bathhouse, to take her up to see Yubaba. Yubaba is a powerful witch and the owner of that bathhouse. Yubaba has made a vow to give a job to anyone who asks for one. Ultimately, with Haku’s supernatural aid, Chihiro is able to exchange her name for a position working in a bathhouse. Now called Sen, she embarks on a journey that will teach her the meaning of hard work and loyalty. Sen, like many heroes through history, finds that this new world has many tests and challenges in store for her. She finds herself charged with the task of not only saving her parents, but saving the lives of several spirits.
Sen is faced with many challenges and supernatural ordeals while working at the bathhouse. First, Yubaba punishes her by making her take care of a smelly stink spirit. While none in the bathhouse wants to help him, Sen rises to the occasion and discovers that the stink spirit is really a polluted river spirit. She helps rid him of the junk and trash that is poisoning him and is reworded for her efforts with a medicine ball. Sen hopes that this healing ball will be what turns her parents back into humans. The medical ball is a talisman, and is another reoccurring theme in hero journey stories. The talisman is magical object that helps the hero while they are on their quest. Unfortunately, Sen does not get the chance to find out if the medical ball will save her parents.
Shortly after she helps the river spirit she is faces with two very important challenges. She most simultaneously save the bathhouse from a spirit called No Face and save Haku’s life. Sen learns that Haku has stolen a golden seal from Yubaba’s sister Zeniba. As a result Haku is now dying because the seal had a spell on it that would kill anyone who steels it. She feeds him half of the medicine ball, she was saving for her parents, in the hopes that it will slow the spell. When it does not completely sure him, Sen decides to leave the bathhouse and return the seal to Zaniba in the hopes that she will forgive Haku and save his life. But before she leaves Sen must help No Face. No Face is a spirit that she mistakes as a customer and lets him into the bath house. Because she was kind to him he becomes obsessed with her. When he cannot find her he goes on a rampage eating everything insight including bathhouse employees. Sen ends up feeding him the other half of the medicine ball and he begins to regurgitate all of the food and people he has consumed. Sen believes that the...

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