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Spirits And The Devil: Real Or Hoax?

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Paranormal Activity is involves Spirits. It is an activity people see or heard that other do not. Paranormal Activity can also involve psychic Spirits .When people say they see spirits people tend not to believe those people. Paranormal Activity is a spirit that can be good or evil (Distinguish between the two). (Holmes, 2014).
Paranormal Activity is a subject that involves people who want to relaxes and get away. People can experiences spirits and a new house they move in . Maybe somebody died in the house. An old restaurants or store they might go in. It is a practical Spirit that only a person can see in no one else can. (Roger,2011). Jersey Devil was a creature from an area call New Jersey Pinelands. Jersey haunted Pinelands for 260 year. Jersey devil made schools and Jobs Company shut down. People did not really believe that Jersey Devil was true. Jersey devil was calling the beast of Pineland. (Juliano, 1975).
As People they thought that jersey Devil was a real life monster. Back when the Jersey Devil was alive New Jersey was a British Colony. According to (McCann, Grace-Ellen (2000) “Jersey devil was a 6 foot long with a reptilian body, a horse’s head bat wing and a long forked tail”. People gave the breast Jersey Devil several different names like boodle-doodle bird Wozzle bug and Leeds devil. People really did not see the Jersey Devil. But they did not see his work. They also hear how he will gobble up animals and a couple second. So, the men would not go out in haunted at night. (Mccrann, 2000).
3 Accounts

Account 1
According to Brian Regal 2013 a woman known as Mother Leeds gave birth to her thirteenth child and cried out “Oh let this be the devil. “The “child” arrived with horse-like head and bat-like wings.” The child vanished after birth for centuries. Then all of the sudden people were coming up missing. Body was everywhere. When bodies were appearing they start shut-down school and jobs. (Regal, 2013)
Account 2
The Jersey Devil family was very poor. His family was from New Jersey. So that is where his name came about. People and the town said the Jersey Devil was a beast. Who carried off dog, geese, cats, and even child? Back in 1840 people and the south look there door and cut their porch lights on. (Schlosser, 1997).
Account 3
Jersey Devil was a very ugly creature. His Mother Leeds did not want him. The theory was that Jersey Devil was a bird. He was three feet and half high. According to Maco Williams 1973, it had a long neck, wing about two feet long, and its back legs were like those of a crane. Mother Leeds was a witch. They said it was a crime. (McMahon, 1995).


Account 1
This story is a falsifiability because it undeclared claim. The story was talk about how the Jersey Devil was killing animals. It was talking about how the mother of the jersey Devil was a witch. People thought that the lady had put a curse on her baby. They said that why her baby come out...

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