Religious Behaviors, College Students, And Depression

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The first article was, Behavioral Activation of Religious Behaviors (BARB): Randomized Trial With Depressed College Students by Maria E. A. Armento, James K. McNulty, and Derek R. Hopko. It was retrieved from Psychology of Religion and Spirituality 2012 Volume 4 Number 3, 206-222. This study had the subject areas of behavioral activation, religion, depression, spiritualty, college students, and anxiety.
They hypothesis of this study was to find whether increased religious behavior would decrease depression in students. The predictor variable in this study was increased religious behavior and the outcome variables were, “depression, environmental reward, anxiety, and quality of life” (Armento, McNulty & Hopko, 2011, p. 206). The operational definition of religious behavior was identified as reading the bible, praying, or volunteering.
Participants from this study were recruited from the University of Tennessee. The students were screened using the Beck Depression Inventory-II (BDI-II; Beck & Steer, 1993), fifty of the eligible students agreed to participate in the study. The study participants were randomly assigned to go through Behavior Activation of Religious Behaviors (BARB) or Supportive Treatment (ST). The participants met with their clinical before they started treatment, for their pretreatment assessment, during the treatment, after their treatment for the post treatment assessment and then one month later as a checkup. During the treatment, BARB study participants discussed with their clinical their religious beliefs and how they practice their religion. Two participants were atheist, and they were asked how this played out in their lives. The clinician then told the participants that, “individual who are more active in their spiritual life may be less depressed and have a better quality of life (Armento, McNulty & Hopko, 2011, 212). The study participants then discussed with their clinician how they could enhance their faith individually and within a group. The ST group talked about their moods and perceptions. The clinician therapist did not give feedback to the participant they just listened. Both groups sessions lasted sixty minutes. The BARB group participants were given religious activities and homework to do. While the ST groups was instructed to just go about their life as normal.
One week after the session the therapist called the participants. ST participants were interviewed about how they were doing emotionally and BARB participants were asked about how their homework and activities were going. Two weeks following the initial treatment sessions all participants met with the therapist again. They were given post treatment tests and the BARB participants turned in their homework.
This study proved that participants who participated in the BARB treatment described that they had more positive thoughts and was of managing their symptoms that those who went through the ST treatment. The other major finding...

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