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Spiritual Care Needs For Cancer Patients: Case Study

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Spiritual Care needs
“Addressing spirituality was fundamental to a palliative care [team] providing compassionate and holistic care” (Seccareccia & Brown, 2009, p. 805). Spiritual care can be implemented into this situation to support this patient and his family. Nawawi, Balboni & Balboni (2012) found that “patients experiencing life-threatening illness want the medical team to address their [religion/ spiritual] as part of medical care” (p. 271). As Spear (2014b) identified spiritual care “encompasses the emotional benefits of informal support from relatives and friends, participation in religious or other groups and more formal support from an individual trained in pastoral care”. Franck told the spiritual care associate that humour plays a big role in his family but it becomes useless because of his illness and he wishes he can get this good feeling back to the family and also Mary is frustrated and upset with Frank not being open to discuss about their future.
A study found that “spirituality has to do with connectedness with the continuum of life and of energy in the universe” (Seccareccia & Brown, 2009, p. 807). With the use of spiritual care, it can be reassures the patient that his family still loves him no matter what and also ensures access and opportunities for clients and family to address their spiritual, emotional, and religious need and aspirations (SJCG, 2014). In addition, studies have found that with spiritual well-being has been clearly linked to a lower level of anxiety and depression (Benito et al., 2013, p. 2). According to Nawawi et al. (2012), “most patients with advanced disease hold [religion/ spiritual] as an important dimension within their experience of life-threatening disease” (p. 270). When facing death, spirituality plays a big role in patient’s well being with advanced illness, it provides a better quality of life even in the setting of a high burden of physical symptoms (Nawawi et al., 2012, p. 271).
Family Discharge Planning
Solution Focused Theory
Solution Focused Theory offers a new ‘lens’ for looking at client’s resources and strengths, provides a tool for responding uniquely to each client/family situation, helping the patient and family to think outside of the box, and assist them to move toward their own strength (Bannink, 2007, p. 87; Spear, 2014d; Spear, 2014e).
Identify issues.
Frank and Mary are having difficulty communicating and sharing their feelings and thoughts about their future plan to each other as well as the other family members. There is a lack of communication within the family due to concerns related to Frank’s advanced illness and palliative status. Furthermore, the only primary care provider for Frank is his wife, Mary. Mary is feeling anxious, overwhelmed, frustrated and worried about running out of vacation time at work and then no...

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