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This semester has been one of spiritual growth as well as the past year. I have drawn closer to the Lord through my prayer life. My devotions before this semester did not very often consist of prayer just reading my Bible. But this semester I have been trying to pray not just a five minute prayer but a prayer in which I really pour my heart out to God. I try to start by thanking him for all the things he has blessed my day with and then move on to ask for specific needs or praying for other people. God has honored these times when I take extra time out of my day to talk to him and he has met with me in on several occasions in a very real way.
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God’s promises will still be true whether or not you feel like they are. The Holy Spirit was speaking to me and as I prayed telling him whether I received a feeling of emotion I would stand on his promise he came in such a really way that I knew it to be true. Since then the devil has tried at various times to discourage me and tell me your not saved you do not ever remember being saved therefore how could you be sanctified. When this happens I turn to God’s word and stand on his promises trusting that his able and willing to fulfill them.
While I have grown this semester I have also been challenged to share my faith with others. Personal Evangelism has “forced” me to knock on the doors of people I do not know and invite them to church. This is hard for me to do because I feel like I never say exactly what needs to be said. I also have been challenged to reach out and discuss why I believe what I believe to the people that are close to me but are not where they should be spiritually. I find this challenging because I worry what people may think but I am learning to put mind over matter and do what I Jesus would do. I have also challenged myself to stick with my devotions and spend more time in prayer because I do not do it daily as I should because college work sometimes becomes a bigger...

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