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John NavaltaHRT 3M1 Mr. Molloy September 15, 2014Spiritual maturity: After Jesus died many of his followers were confused on how they would continue to live a life towards God. But after a while many of his followers agreed on one early teaching: a union with God and love towards each other. For many years people have built upon this idea and concocted many different ideologies towards this idea. This concept can bring us into one single topic, spiritual maturity. One may ask, what is spiritual maturity? Well, spiritual maturity can be perceived in many different ways, a historical concept of the idea, a theoretical concept, a personal concept of what it is, its significance, and how it relates to God, faith, and our religion.Throughout the history of Christianity, we as a religious society have made different assumptions or speculations on how God wants us to live. To build upon this, let us start at the dawn of Christianity when Christian teachings were simple and purely based upon oral tradition. During those times love towards each other and union with God was all that was needed to be a spiritually mature person. Up until the medieval times the idea of spirituality was conceived as whole hearted conformity to Christ's love and care for all. However new teachings during that time have noticed that spiritual maturity can be attained outside various religious settings. This simply means that to be spiritually mature we do not always have to conform to the various rules and laws that the church simply gives us. It is simply up to our own individual discernment to deem the appropriate behaviors to live a life towards God such as the many Saints and the Apostles. One may take Martin Luther for example, during those times as stated earlier the Christian church had the same perception and ideology towards God and that any other concept was considered rebellious and a tenuous act against God. He as a person instead saw that it is not only through justification and conformity to certain rules but to see God in every action and events that happens throughout our lives. In a sense, we can simply grow as a Catholic through prayers and scripture to be closer and mature towards God. Going into today's day of age, with the various events that occurred throughout the ages, we as a modern society took on different meanings on the subject therefore making us closer to God than ever.Well one may ask, how do we become spiritually mature? Imagine an infant growing up, as time flies by he becomes a child, then a teenager, a young adult, a fully grown adult, senior, etc. With that we can all agree that that does not simply happen overnight. Likewise becoming spiritually mature is a process that we nurture and develop throughout the years. As we go along our lives we incur different hardships both spiritually and physically however with those hardships...

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