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Spirituality In Haiti Essay

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In Haiti, citizens there are known for their avid spirituality. Those who don’t really have a deep understanding of their religion would call it a pact with the Devil. People who don’t have a deep understanding of their religion, use it against them. They use it as a means to explain why the earthquake that hit the island back in 2009, as a reason why the incident occurred. “God’s punishment” for their “evil practices”. But people haven’t done the research or fully don’t understand the religion and its practices to make such statements. Voodoo, or Voudou, can be defined as different spiritual beliefs and practices extracted by African slaves sometime during the 1800’s.
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The Concordat established a designation of an archbishop in Port-au-Prince. The people of the Roman Catholic Church were widely unaccepting of the Voodoo practices and organized two campaigns in 1896 and 1942, respectively, against Voodoo and its practices.
During the campaigns Haiti’s government prohibited voodoo services while Catholics destroyed any objects affiliated with the voodoo religion and as well as persecuted those who practiced the religion. During the mid-80’s the church’s views on the matter of the poor drastically changed. While on a visit to Haiti in 1983, Pope John Paul II concurred that things within the country had to change and change immediately. People of the Roman Catholic Church took action by helping develop a peasant community movement. A Roman Catholic radio station named Radio Soleil, contributed in a big way by spreading the news about government actions during the mid-80’s crisis and got support of opponents of Haiti’s president, Francois Duvalier. People continued to denounce the Duvalier suppression as well as his human-rights violations.
And last of the religious people in Haiti are the Protestants. 16 percent of the island’s people claim the Protestant...

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