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Spiritually Governing The Role Of An Epic Hero In Three Day Road

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Three Day Road is padded with topes and many rich illusions and other literary devices
in order for Joseph Boyden to explain the many different sub-plots and themes that are
established throughout the novel. Boyden innovatively composes the story of Xavier by
alternating between the past and present by developing the two protagonists stories into one
central idea of spiritual wellness. The events that are first brought to the reader are in the
present, here it is seen to give a basis on the spirit in native culture, for example in the story of
the Windigo. The stories that take place in the past, primarily in war, solidify the strength and
seriousness of the spirit in native culture, for example the spiritual guidance to kill Elijah. The
protagonists use their belief to guide them towards the qualification of an epic hero. The epic
hero characterization allows for characters to spiritually mature and become more developed,
which enables the plot to thicken and exploit the different themes that are confirmed by the
end of the novel. Niska exemplifies the meaning of an epic hero in two significant ways, by
saving Xavier from two horrible experiences in his life; residential school and his post-traumatic
stress caused by war. It is also evident cases of peripeteia in the novel once the epic hero is
established, primarily in the circumstance of Xavier’s murdering of Elijah which may seem oddly
thought after but provides a positive outcome for both their well beings, therefore it is
appropriate to say that Joseph Boyden places the role of an epic hero allegory in Three Day
Road to establish and exemplify the moral standard in which the native people must fulfill in
order to help those conflicting a position they are in need of overcoming.
Through the entirety of the war, the reader has seen a diminishing friendship between
Elijah and Xavier, Elijah, suffering from a morphine addiction and traumatic stress, is not
the friend Xavier has always known, but now an egotistical monster with no sense of character
or reason, only being satisfied by his next kill. In multiple instances nearing their end of service
he tries to change Elijah and make him realize his wrong doings, however Elijah is sucked into a
downward spiral, and no longer showing remorse for any of his actions. Knowing that Elijah is
doomed and has no possibility of change, he must do what is best for his best friend and those
around him from further harm. Elijah has to be killed, there is no more to do to save him,
morphine wont dull his emotional pain, their friendship is fading, and it would hurt Xavier more
to let him live in his current non-rehabilitative state. Yes, Xavier is taking away a part of his life
that has been so genuine and close to him, which may seem dubious, however it is not only
Xavier’s judgement that is causing this thought of murdering his best friend. In Herman
Melville’s criticism of Moby Dick he...

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