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Split Brain Paper

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If I would have a split brain, I don’t believe I would act any differently than I act now. The only way to actually notice the differences is when you put yourself through tests. However, if it was a special case, I might not be completely functioning. I would have trouble telling my body what actions to perform.
Split brain occurs when there is a lack of a corpus callosum or when the corpus callosum is severed. Making it so there is no connection between the two hemispheres of a person’s brain. A person with a split brain is either born with no corpus callosum or they have undergone a Corpus Callosotomy, which is a procedure that surgically cuts the corpus callosum (separating the brain’s ...view middle of the document...

When both hemispheres are attached our brain functions at its best. Our brain meticulously adjusts and appoints control of precise functions to each hemisphere. It works because each side communicates with the other side. When you take that functioning brain and split it in half, you are going to have some disadvantages. When the right hemisphere and left hemisphere of our brain are unable to communicate with each other, it can cause a split personality of sorts. It is dangerous and frightening, one side of our brain could be doing something that the other side was not aware of.
Although the procedure of separating the two hemispheres helps reduce the amount of epileptic seizures for a person, it messes with their coordination in a way. For example, in an article, Wolman told a story of a woman named Vicki. She underwent a surgery which cut the corpus callosum and separated the two hemispheres to help stop the dangerous seizures she was having. After the surgical procedure, when Vicki would go on shopping trips to purchase her groceries, it was a very difficult task for her to simply place an item in the cart and would take a few hours to complete her trip. She would see an item...

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