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Spoa: The Evil Act Essay

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What exactly is SOPA? Not many people are aware of what SOPA is or stands for. SOPA is an acronym that stands for the Stop Online Piracy Act, and the act is aimed at stopping illegal acts of piracy and stolen copyright content by online users. Users caught with any such copyrighted content could be charged with felony and thrown in jail. However, the extent, reach, and threat that the act posses is often debated and suppressed by the online public. This is because many online users fear that the act threatens online activity and restrict their right and access to certain online content, such as Youtube or Deviantart.
That is not to say, however, that the amount of copyright material available online has become quite an issue. However, the main issue with the bill is how it plans to go about its goal. The way SOPA outlines it’s margins is quite blurry, and this concerns many internet users. What could be considered copyrighted content - to what point does something become illegal?
Is it wrong to want to upload your own cover of a song sung by a famous artist to the internet? SOPA seems to think so. Andrea Peterson, a writer for the Washington Post, wrote that SOPA “would have criminalized covers of songs shared on Youtube” (2013). This means that anybody uploading their own covers of a song could be charged with felony and placed behind bars. That would also mean Justin Bieber - the famous Canadian pop-star - could be placed behind bars for his upload of Jackson songs that he sang before he was discovered.
Justin himself, however, spoke out against US Senator Klobuchar’s early version of the bill back in late October of 2011. In an interview, Bieber stated that they “needed to be locked up… put away in cuffs,” and that the bill was “ridiculous.” When asked his opinion of fans uploading their own covers of his songs he said that he thought it was “awesome.” (Bieber, 2011)
Although Klobuchar argued that Youtube uploaders would not be in danger, many still oppose the bill because of the vagueness in terms of its reach. SOPA also means to crackdown on foreign sites such as Priatebay -which is based in Sweden - which the government has been battling for many years. The blurriness of the bill would also cause a violation of human rights, mainly speaking our 1st amendment, because the bill would “allow the Attorney General, and even individuals, to create a blacklist to censor sites when no court has found that they have infringed copyright or any other law” (SOPA vs. PIPA, 2013). This means that they could take down any unfavorable post or content from sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Blacking out sites unnecessarily would cause more people to try to work around the blocks, causing a whole nother issue itself.
The way SOPA would work is through a process called DNS (Domain Name System) blocking. A DNS code basically helps a computer find the correct IP address of a website. However, DNS blocking interrupts this process and would give the computer...

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