Spoiled Children And Parenting Tips Essay

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  After reading this article, author wants to said, spoiled their children is not good for their children. Parent should not love their children too much. They need give their children more self-sufficient and supportive, let them to learn how to success and failure. In this article, the author said, parent are too pampering and humor their children, so their children cannot learn how to achieve goals in their life, and their children cannot feel success and failure. They do not know their life’s real meaning. That means their parent are deprived their exploring and find their opportunity. I think the author said right, i agree with author opinion, spoiled is bad to their children.
  The first, spoiled children can out of independent living ability. with the development of society progress, our life have been huge change. Lots of parents are rich, they do not want their children to suffer. They do everything when their children wants. Children do not cook by their self, they do not wash their clothes, and they develop a mental laziness. They do not do everything. I remember saw on TV news. That was very interesting show. They chose some of children who are spoiled by their parents. Let them experience poor life in the poor country. Those children are cry when they arrive the country. Everything is different. There are no delicious food, they wash clothes by themself, they need to work in the land, and harvest with farmer. The spoiled children cannot bear, they want their parent take them home, but their parent do not desire their wish. a couple of days, spoiled children learn everything needs to hard work. They changed their mind, and they knows success need overpay and progress. This example also tell every spoil parents if you want you children better, you need give them more space to learn how...

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