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Spoken Language Essay

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People present different opinions towards creative forms of language use during web-based interactions and non-verbal communication. The use of grammatically incorrect language during interactions on the web is common among vast age groups, although prominent amidst young people. So, therefore arises the debate of whether ‘text talk’ degrades literacy skills or gives an opportunity to express thought in a creative manner.
The use of various techniques such as phonetic spelling, elision and ellipsis originated when mobile phone text services were first devised and money needed to be paid for each letter used in one text. This forced a vast obligation to scrutinize every single letter typed, ...view middle of the document...

The adaption of spoken language on Facebook and most web-based interactions is to suit personal needs, which is often influenced by the casual and simple form Facebook is presented in. From this, people, without even realising, automatically adopt the form of using emoticons and ellipsis during conversations, ‘Heeeeey how u.’ Exaggeration of ‘Heeeeey’ is used here as a paralinguistic feature. This is used to exaggerate the possible excitement of greeting someone and expressing the mode of the individual at the time. This is creative because the influence of Facebook introduces the urge to break the grammatical rules and express themselves to their ‘friends’ on Facebook. Ellipsis is also evident here, ‘how u’. Ellipsis is a creative form of language use as it gets straight to the point of the matter. Total omission of whole words is effective in bringing out the ease of the conversion, reflected out in the persons craving for ease by omitting out a word. Emoticons such as ‘’ is often used to present out the tone of the person at that present time visually, whereas, in written language, such as a physical letter, the tone can only be inferred. The use of emoticons, moreover, dismisses this possibly incorrect inference. As people would be talking to their...

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