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Spoken Word"Specific Purpose:To inform my audience about Spoken Word, its history, and its place in today's society.Central Idea: Spoken Word is an age- old art form of expression through the use of performance poetry.IntroductionI.Sit back. Relax. Visualize. I want to take you back into another time... an era.A.The 1920's a period called the Harlem Renaissance....1.You're in a coffee house, the lights are dimmed, and you sit by candlelight.2.Duke Ellington and Ella Fitzgerald play softly in the background.3.You are now enjoying the Poetry readings of Langston Hughes, Gwendolyn Brookes, or Sterling Brown.B.Now, relax. It is 19521.Post WWII, there is a new poetry scene referred to as the Beats.2.You could be in the coffee house, or at the city bookstore playing Coltrane's My Favorite Things, while waiting for the poetry hip cats, cool cats, and daddios collectively referred to as the beatniks.C.Relax, the year is 19701.It is the Black power movement.2.You're at a Black Panther Party meeting, the bongo's are playing as you listen to the Revolutionary based poems of Amiri Baraka and the Last Poets.D.Relax, visualize. It is now the 1990's.1.The Spoken Word/ poetry scene has resurfaced.2.It's the same, but it's different.3.Coffee houses have become mainstream and movies in the likes of Love Jones are popularizing the poetry scene.II.As you now see, Spoken Word shows its face throughout the generations.III.As a poet myself, I've come to enjoy the performance of Spoken Word, and have attended many coffee house readings.IV.Tonight, I would like to share with you the meaning of spoken word, a brief history of Spoken Word, and where it is today.( Transition: Now, you may be wondering, " What exactly is Spoken word?")BodyI.Spoken Word has different meanings to different people, but the overall meaning is that it is poetry intended to be read aloud, performed.A.Tim Arevalo, the winner of Youth Speaks Poetry Slam, defines Spoken Word as, " Emotion through breath." He adds, " Visual word is fundamental, but Spoken Word is what makes it soar."B.To get to the true meaning of spoken word you must compare it to actual written word.1.According to The Art of Spoken Word, by Jules Nyquist, "With written word the inner spirit of the poem is right there on the page, and the poet connects individually with the reader." It goes on to say that, " The page dictates the line breaks, and the reader determines the pace and tempo of the poem when it is read silently or out loud."2.On the other hand, when the poem is lifted off the page and read with the rhythm and the soul of the poet, it makes a different kind of connection.a.The poem now connects with the community. It speaks to the masses.b.The poet determines the rhythm and spirit of the poem.c.The merging of art forms, poetry, music, and theater now combine into a form generally called, " Spoken Word."(Transition: Now that you know the...

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523 words - 2 pages have stress on the 1st wordEg: break IN eg: HANDoutCompound noun usually has the 1st word stressedEg: HAIRcut eg: BREAKfastAs a summary, there are some rules to help us transcribe words, break it into syllables, and place stress on it; however, these rules won't be helpful if we don't know the correct pronunciation of the words. Once a person knows how a word is spoken doing these tasks will be easy.Bibliographyhttp://www.britannica.com/EBchecked/topic/602491/transcription


523 words - 2 pages have stress on the 1st wordEg: break IN eg: HANDoutCompound noun usually has the 1st word stressedEg: HAIRcut eg: BREAKfastAs a summary, there are some rules to help us transcribe words, break it into syllables, and place stress on it; however, these rules won't be helpful if we don't know the correct pronunciation of the words. Once a person knows how a word is spoken doing these tasks will be easy.Bibliographyhttp://www.britannica.com/EBchecked/topic/602491/transcription

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