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Sponge Bob Kills Brain Cells Essay

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The cartoon of the yellow sponge living in a pineapple under the sea was never meant to be a kid’s show. Au contraire, the show was meant to air on Adult Swim, a television network for viewers 16 years and older. The Sponge had a test run, but because of the low rating it was transferred to the kids’ networks. Of course, our dear children, innocent and ignorant of the hidden message inside the moving images, loved it. In this case “Bikini Bottom” is SpongeBob’s home town, an inappropriate name of a setting for a children’s cartoon. This shows that the transition of the show from Adult Swim to Nickelodeon had no change on SpongeBob Squarepants, whatsoever. Meaning, many other sections of the show are likely not meant for children’s eyes or ears. This show is degradation for young minds and their mental and physiological development and should not continue to be aired.
You may think, I am simply looking into it too much but you simply need to look at the characters to see it. The main character, Spongebob, is constantly high. It’s proven when Plankton, the “villain” steals some of his DNA and injects it on himself. Plankton, started to hallucinate with non-animate objects dancing to an imaginary beat. Then, there is Squidward Tentacles, a narcissistic sociopath. The octopus like character has a room full of paintings and sculptures of himself done by him. He’s also constantly seen isolating himself from the others by criticizing every single detail of their aspects, especially Spongebob. Surely, our whole point of educating them is to prevent this type of people to develop from our children. For then to become the best they can be and choose their companionship wisely.
Patrick Star is the friend who is constantly given bad advice and lack of support. Anytime Spongebob makes a decision based on his ideas they usually lead to physical damage or him getting in trouble with others. This is only the surface of the characters personalities. It is known that children see cartoons as of some sort of role models. In this case it’s a horrendous thing. The activities in the show, although minor are completely capable of being copied by children. Such as dropping bubble-soap in their eyes while blowing bubbles.(Done purposely) Pretty sure I also do not want my brother jumping of a window when he wants to exit a house or building with multiples stores.
Now, cartoons are known for their creativity of thinking outside the box. They create a new world where the fictional character can live and interact with other characters. There, they are meant to overcome some obstacle that can help the character become better at a skill and/or person. In this show the character seems to actually underdeveloped than developed. There are episodes in which the main character is taking his driver’s test and always end up failing.
SpongeBob, although taken the test a million times (not a lie, there is an episode based on this fact) at the first step of applying...

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