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IntroductionI have chosen this topic for my term paper because of my passion for winter sports. Since I was taught skiing as a little child, my favourite season of the year is always winter. After years of skiing every winter I got bored and try snowboard, from that point my dream was nothing else but to learn snowboarding as good as I can. I have been snowboarding since I was 12 years old and I can proudly admit that it is one of my biggest pleasures in life. In next pages, I am going to analyze various ways of sponsorships for snowboarders to get sponsored by famous world brands and progress in their sport career. Sponsorship is often misrepresented as being an act of goodwill from sponsor to the sponsee. In fact, the most successful sponsorships are symbiotic relationships in which sponsor and sponsee both gain benefits. At the end, I attach one company and organization of the action sport industry that should be mention.I provide a media files that cannot be shown any other way but via video player. In these files is better shown the effort and the creativity of the action sport industry and particular athletes. Sport sponsorshipIt's where a brand uses an association with someone or something to promote its product or service, generally to supplement advertising. In return for certain agreed benefits, a sponsee effectively 'loans' its image to a sponsor, which can make use of it in various ways (e.g. through advertising). Sponsorship can involve the full range of marketing media and techniques, including relationship marketing. The last is especially important because modern sponsorship is rarely about an occasional exchange; rather it involves multiple relationships and forms of activity over a period of time. After observation, sponsorship relationships are undergoing a change from being essentially individual transactions to becoming long-term relationships.Sponsorship involves various interested parties, the most prominent of which are, of course, the sponsor and the sponsee. However, sponsorship aims to communicate beyond these principal parties to reach a target audience. This communication is enhanced by using the sponsee as an 'endorser' in the media.The contemporary practice of sponsorship is determined by a range of factors, including:the high costs of advertising in traditional mediathe extensive range and intensity of modern commercial messagesthe apparent effectiveness of sponsorshipThe benefits that sponsors seek from their investments are of two main types. First, there are sponsorships objectives that are connected to a product image or a corporate image; such objectives relate to awareness of the product or firm among consumers, and are largely based on the marketing and communications potential of sponsorship. Secondly, sponsorship objectives can also relate to potential stakeholders relationships that might be established and developed through sponsorship; these objectives often involve inviting important representatives...

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