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Sport And Development: The Special Olympics

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The tour is open to student enrolled in the Diploma of Sport and Development. This project gives the student the opportunity to stay and volunteer in the USA for two weeks. Giving them opportunity to understand and learn from the sport industry in the USA. From the 25 July to the 2 August 2015, Los Angeles, California will be hosting The 2015 Special Olympics World Summer Games. This event will cater for 7,000 athletes and 3,000 coaches representing over 170 countries, utilising 30,000 volunteers. This is slated to be the world’s largest sports and humanitarian event in 2015. This event would not exist without the commitment of volunteers. The main focus of this program is for the students ...view middle of the document...

Operating in an extremely competitive and globalised training market, international engagement is paramount to the success of VU becoming renowned as Australia's Sport University. This opportunity would create a reputation for VU in knowledge exchange between Australia and other countries, where learning is served with students who are mentally and physically (actively participating) involved in the process. This project will enable students to experience a different country’s cultures, socio-economic and educational backgrounds. This would be a unique curriculum and approach to learning and teaching, emphasising industry focused practice-integrated learning, through volunteer service and community engagement for the Diploma of Sport and Development students. Presenting students the opportunity to explore their knowledge in a real life context, understanding that learning extends away from the classroom. The aspiration of this tour is to assist students to be more competitive in an increasingly globalised world, by encouraging a sense of belonging whilst supporting their personal growth. This growth can assist with student retention at the university with the students seeking to engage in further education. Therefore, supporting the need for international education programs while students are undertaking vocational education.
The project connection for the staff is through providing students with an international context of learning and teaching. This will improve the learning outcomes for future students as there are opportunities for the teacher to engage with industry leaders and organisations. Hence, allowing the teacher to share experiences, and use experiences to develop curriculum aligned with student needs.
The aim of this project is to increase the overall number of students with an international mobility experience related to their field of study. This grant will help address a major barrier which is the financial ability to support overseas study experience. This program will promote a key element in the University's Internationalisation Strategy and its Learning in the Workplace and Community (LiWC) strategy. Students who participate in this program will gain credit toward their Professional Development subject, of which has a work placement component. Since learning is not restricted to the classroom, but takes place through a variety of situations, moving away from the classroom and putting their acquired skills into practice and facing real challenges assists in the transition to the workforce. This program enables the students a chance to utilise their skills whilst making international professional contacts which will be the building blocks of their future. Volunteering with The Special Olympics aims to develop their experiences with different cultures, multi-sport events, working with disadvantaged athletes and enhanced global citizenship. International experience also gives students a unique perspective of how things are...

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