Sport Education And Deliverance In Brazil

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Education in sport
Brazil sports teams are very successful due to the fact that they have some of the best coaches in the world. But the federations/institutions do not just hire anyone to coach, they want the best and require certain levels of education, licenses, and trainings; which adhere to the guidelines set forth by the Ministry of Education. Becoming a coach of a sports team in Brazil has many requirements, but most importantly ever coach in Brazil must obtain a coaching license under their respective sport institution or federation. In addition to a Bachelor’s degree, a coach much take several training courses and receive licenses depending on what level of sport they want to coach in. A Master’s degree is recommended as well as over 3 years of coaching experience.
After researching through several sport federation websites I noticed that every sport federation across all levels require similar specific objectives and training/courses. For example to be a volleyball coach (incl. beach volleyball), in addition to their bachelor’s degree, coaches must go through training to be recognized as a FIVB (International federation of volleyball coach, be able to keep up with the latest trends or coaching styles and equipment used in the sport, attend technical seminars and complete 3 levels of courses depending on which level of volleyball you want to coach in ("FIVB - Coaches", 2010). To coach youth and recreational completion of Level I: Basic volleyball techniques are required. To coach on the high school and college teams, completion of Level I and Level II: coaching of advanced level teams is required. To become a professional coach completion of all three levels is required; all three levels require hands on training as well as written and practical examinations ("FIVB - Coaches", 2010).
Similar requirements are required in order to be a football (soccer) coach. According to the Brazilian institute of football 4 levels of licenses are required depending on the level of football you would want to coach, trainings meeting FIFA requirements, as well as specific objectives ("Bfut- Educators", 2012). Every football (soccer) coach is required to obtain a level 4 license: Brazilian Soccer Seminar which gives you the basic overview and rules. A level 3 license: National Symposium is required if you want to be a youth coach or a coach in a local club team or an educator of sport. A level 2 license: International symposium is required if you want to coach or teach internationally or become an athletic director. You can also qualify to coach youth teams, in high schools and colleges. The Level 1 license is required if you want to coach or educate at all levels of football (soccer) including becoming a professional coach; this is the highest level of a required license ("Bfut- Educators", 2012). Although the specific objectives and training under each license may vary per sport; each sport requires 3 to 4 licenses to be a coach of a Brazil...

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