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Sport Enhancing Drugs Essay

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Sports in the 20th century are one of the most watched things on television. Every kid wants to grow up and be the next Derek Jeter, Usain Bolt, or even LeBron James. Sports keeps everyone thrilled and in shape, in sports people may not get along because, ethnicity or the level of talent another person has. This is why performance enhancing drugs have been the most talked about topic for decades.
In many situations people are peer pressured, or in need of a certain high to get through their problems. W Moller (2009) a finical analyst in an a article called “We, The Public, Place The Best Athletes on Pedestals”, (p. 545) discusses about himself and how athletes use PED (performance enhancing drugs). W Moller (2009) begins talking about midway through his sophomore year of high school, and how he pulls all nighters to finish work. Then his friend who he occasionally took study breaks, saw the bags beneath his eyes, slump in his shoulders and the nervousness. So he handed him a small white pill called Ritalin, it was classified as a class 3 drug. Moller being a good kid, he had to accomplish what was demanded of himself. Next day he woke up and regained focus, unfortunately it came with serious side effects like most PED drugs. “I was stuffed-up, sweaty, wide eyed mess and he studied until the birds chirped (p. 547).
In sports there’s always an athlete who may seem as if he or she has taken PED, but he or she has been born with god given talent. An editor named J Posnanski (2010) for Sports Illustrated, in an his article called “Cheating And Cheating”(p.553) talks about William Mays one of the greats baseball players of all times. Whether it’s from running faster than a opponent or even out strengthening them. Willie Mays is one of those players worth of a myth he could really do everything on the field. “He could crush long home runs, he could run, he could throw, he could hit and he could field” (p.554). Most baseball players can do these attributes but Mays did them to a higher extent. “In 1954, after he returned from the army he led the league in hitting (345), slugging (.667 the highest slugging percentage of his career)” (p.554) He won MVP award, and made most famous catch in World Series history. There was so much publicity that came towards Mays, “like baseball in every time was rife with cheating and racism and alcoholism and small-mindedness” (p.556). “In 1985, John Milner testified that there was some sort of “Red juice” in Wille May’s locker when they both played for the Mets” (p. 557). Mays stated he got it from the doctor and the doctor said it was cough syrup. Milner was ether racist or jealous that he was getting a lot of publicity from the media and breaking records. Every time Wile would go to the doctors he would ask, is there something you can give me to keep me going. In sports...

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