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Sport Is Not, And Can Never Be A Profession.

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A profession is commonly known as an occupation, such as law, medicine, or engineering, that requires considerable training and specialized study. Of course, sport can also fall under this definition. Sport falls under the big umbrella of this definition and I strongly feel that sport can be considered a profession, but to many others, it may not be.Firstly, it takes extensive efforts and training to be a professional sportsman. Not any Tom, Dick and Harry can rise out of nowhere to rival the skills of Beckham or Jordon. Hence, it is evident that there is a side to sport that is more than just casual. An athlete is sometimes born, and sometimes nurtured, but either way hard work and toil is put into the making of one. To use the word 'tiring' to describe the amount of physical conditioning would be making an understatement. It involves early mornings and sacrificing hours of precious sleep, long periods of endurance training and also monotonous afternoons in the gymnasium. As a profession, a sportsman requires a fair amount of 'specialized study' as well. He has to be efficiently equipped with health bites, first aid, rules and regulations of the game, tactics and strategy and knowledge of his potential opponents. Of course, all these will only be done on a professional level, and at a professional level, sport is a profession.Secondly, playing a sport also rakes in an income, which is a trait of a profession. Many sportsmen in the world are earning as much as, if not more, than many lawyers, doctors or engineers. In fact, many athletes do not have a job, because sport is their job. They are paid to stay on teams and represent a countries so they have a steady source of income. So in the economic aspect, sport does fulfill...

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