Sports Marketing And Mobile Technology Essay

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Sports marketing has made its way directly to the fans. In the past, only the extremely devoted fans would check on their teams online but now, the norm has changed. Now the devoted fans learn new information before anyone else, and even get rewarded for it. In the article “The Passion of the Fan”, by Stewart Feil, fans are being rewarded for posting about their favorite teams on social media. The reason this is possible is because mobile apps have greatly contributed to the way fans follow their teams. In “Sports marketing and technology with the New England Patriots”, by Michael Krigsman, it reveals that fans have the capabilities of sending their favorite teams their input about the team. The most amazing part is their voice is being heard. Tracy Keller reveals how deeply mobile apps have helped fans and teams interact in her article, “The Rise of Mobile in Sports Marketing.” She goes into detail on how fans are closer to their favorite teams through new mobile technology involved in sports. To go along with mobile apps, websites are bringing new life into sports and professional teams. In Greg Johnson’s article, “Big-time backers are trying to breathe new life into high-flying sport of Slamball”, it discusses how Youtube has allowed Slamball to keep its fame, and it is also reviving the sport at the same time. Sports and fans have always been together. Sports marketers have made the interactions between fans and teams closer through social media, websites, and mobile technology.
Fans can reach out to their favorite teams and players through social media. They can read about new information on their Twitter and even spread this information to fellow fans and the rest of the social media universe. Fans are using social media more than ever to interact with their teams. As Keller gives the numbers, “nearly half of all people ages 18 to 35 following a sports team and 35 percent actively commenting via social media.” It is nearly impossible to scroll through a Facebook or Twitter feed without seeing a post on a specific athlete, team, or sporting event. This trend has become so popular that social media has exploded with sports news and is a popular way to find information on current sports. Feil describes the influence of social media on sports, “As sports marketing agency Catalyst found in its 2012 Fan Engagement Study, digital channels—league websites, fan sites, online sports news sources, sports-related Twitter feeds and other Internet and social media outlets—are now second only to TV as a primary and trusted source of information for sports fans.” People are now relying on social media to find their information, and they are even spreading the news when they find out. Teams have started to capitalize on this acquired information. Feil goes into detail to show how the Detroit Pistons have managed it, “A gamified app called SocialToaster that lets registered fans earn points for each item they repost to their social media feeds; those with...

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