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Sports Agent Essay

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Positional Description A Professional Sports Agent works on behalf of professional athletes much as a booking agent works with entertainers. The Agent in this position acts as the athlete's representative. When Agents work for athletes in this capacity, the athlete is called a client. The Agent tries to obtain the best possible financial package for the athlete.The Professional Sports Agent may function in a number of different ways for his or her client. To begin, the Agent must locate a team for the client to work with. Usually by the time an athlete acquires an Agent, at least one if not more teams are bidding for the athlete's services.Almost everyone is aware of athletes who receive huge salaries and contracts. These million-dollar salaries are usually the result of an Agent's work. The Agent acts as a negotiator between the athlete and the team owner or general manager. He or she negotiates the best possible salary and contract for the athlete.Some athletes retain their Agents to do other types of work. For example, the individual may also act as a financial Agent. He or she may recommend various investments to the athlete in order to help the individual build a solid financial base and secure tax advantages.Agents may also locate product endorsements for their clients. Product endorsements mean that the athlete appears in an advertisement or commercial or endorses a product or service for a company. Many people respect the ideas and opinions of their sports idols. Obtaining a sports superstar's endorsement can mean an increase in product sales. As a result, the business of endorsements can be quite lucrative for the athlete. A part of he Agent's duties in this area is to make sure that the products endorsed will not harm the athlete's image but fit in with it. For example, most athletes will not endorse any brand of cigarette. It would run their health-conscious athletic image.Sports agents may work for a variety of clients. They may, for instance, represent athletes, sports officials, coaches, managers, and members of sports oriented organizations and trade associations. Most sports agents have more than one client. Agents must be sure, however, that they do not represent conflicting parties. Agents may also work with law firms, business management companies, certified public accountants, and management firms that specialize in sports.Most athletes who have attained superstar status find that an agent can represent them better than they themselves can. Agents who have both law and accounting backgrounds are familiar with contracts, legal problems, laws, and tax implications.Sports agents often do a great deal of socializing within the sports industry. Thru these activities, they can keep up with the sports scene. Sports agents do not work a nine to five day. They may go into the office early in the morning and stay late and attend meetings and negotiating sessions.Sports agents are usually responsible directly to their clients. If the...

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