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Sports And School (My Experience) Essay

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Sports and School (My experience) School starts at a young age for most kids. They go to learn Arithmetic, English, History, and get a general education for life. They also learn to deal with others outside of their family and close friends. Such was the case for myself.I lived on a farm where my neighbor was my best friend till he moved away. I then had one year till school would start for me, which I would spend with my family, and one or two friends who I would see occasionally. When school finally started for me I had no friends I already knew. It only took me a few days of watching the older kids playing soccer to learn the game and I eventually started playing with them. They learned my name and I learned theirs, soon I was friends with most of the kids in the school (somewhere around 45 kids, K-6). The next year I was sent to a new school in Monticello. Again I made friends quickly and we would spend recesses playing tag and running around. As I entered the fourth grade professional sports entered my life. I had been wrestling long before I entered school and played baseball when I was old enough to enter tee-ball, but professional sports never occurred to me until football. From fourth grade to sixth I came to school in the fall and spring to play football. As I grew up and graduated elementary school I faced new options. I could now participate in regulated Jr. High teams. I chose football, wrestling and baseball. I had played all of these before, but this was high school sports where you had stands full of people to watch you. You now had pads to play football and your games were official. Life in wrestling would become more competitive and baseball would be as hard as ever and so far my experience has only been beneficial.I am now a senior in high school and my football career is over, but I along with others was able to bring home a state championship trophy. I?m doing great in my last wrestling season and will soon begin my final sport in high school. I lived for football and I am living wrestling. Every time I hear someone say sports should be discontinued from public school I feel as if they are trying to cripple students like my self who live for sports in high school. I came to school to get an education, after school I invoke my education to work for me in sports. Otherwise I would go home sit in front of a T.V. or help my dad when needed. I could stay in town every now and then to hang out with friends, but I would mostly be confined to the barren area around my house. Now while playing sports I work hard to get through the school day (It seems to make time go faster) and then work hard at sports. I got in a habit of working hard while I?m awake so now everything I do I try to do right and I work hard at doing it.People say that students focus more on sports than they do their school work and classes. May be true in a few cases, but was never true in my case. I worked hard in school so I could be the best at both school and...

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