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Sports And Education: The Postive Influence In Our Lives

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In a world where technology is increasing exponentially, the demand for better education and activities within them must be higher. In most areas of the world, sports have such beneficial statistics in relation with academic performance that it can’t be ignored. In all my years of participating in sports throughout school, I have noticed all of the important skills and life-lessons I have acquired over the years. For example, by participating in Soccer and Marching Band in high school, my time-management, leadership, and listening skills have increased. In relation to my career in playing sports, some of the life lessons that I’ve learned are: practice makes perfect, never give up, hard work and determination equal success, and that once you make a commitment to something you have to follow through and complete it. All of the life lessons that derive from sports are being brought into the classroom and have been proven by scientific studies. For example, “Longitudinal studies have shown that children and youth participating in sports, who obtain valuable life lessons, exhibit: higher grades, expectations, and attainment; greater personal confidence and self-esteem; and attain an increasing amount of academically oriented friends” (Hanna 1). When schools offer students more opportunities to participate in sports they will learn valuable life lessons which will be applied to their everyday life.
Despite the positive effects that life lessons conjure up in the classroom, sports increase brain function which has a much greater impact on overall academic achievement .A sport in its own nature is learning and the actual definition of learning is the acquisition of knowledge or skills through experience. A multitude of learning outcomes have been compared with physical activity or been tested following physical activity mediations. For example, “Increased participation in sports and other forms of physical activity are also thought to lead to enhancement of cognitive functioning (information processing), memory, concentration, behavior and academic achievement for children” (Martin 2). Researching Matins work provides sufficient evidence that sports affect people’s cognitive thinking in their pre-frontal and frontal cortexes. Doctor Karen Martin quotes “Intervention research relating to the effects of physical activity on cognitive processing indicates that: physical activity improves children’s concentration and attention; physical activity leads to improvement in children’s cognitive control; on-task behavior was improved when children received 10-minute energizer sessions each day of the school week compared to a control group; and study groups receiving extra physical education from a trained specialist or specially trained generalist teacher had advantage over control groups in teacher ratings of classroom behavior”. Most scientists believe that sports don’t affect the brain as much as on kids but surprisingly it does increase but at a...

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