Sports And Performance Enhancers Steroids And Blood Doping

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Famous sports athletes have always tried to get an advantage on other players. By upping their game and performing harder it will allow them to make more money, to win, and to break records. In the world of professional cycling it is exactly the same. Riders use drugs harmful to their health to get and advantage on the competition and these drugs enable the rider to perform harder, longer, and at their maximum ability. There riders us a lot of different drugs to improve themselves but the more popular performance enhancers EPO (erythropoietin), steroids, and blood doping. These drugs are the easiest to get, use, and have the most impact ton the rider whether it be good or bad.
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I was informed of this at the Danish championship two and a half weeks ago, so it's no news... It might be a surprise that it comes out right now.”
At the time these accusations came out he was wearing the yellow jersey leading the one of the stages in the Tour de France. After denying all the accusations, in 2013 he admitted to the use of performance enhancing drugs and publically enounced his retirement from the sport of professional cycling.
Blood doping or blood transfusions, is when an athlete boost the number of red blood cells in their body in order to perform harder and stronger. This is done by taking out healthy blood from the athlete during times that their body is rested and storing it till it is needed. The benefit of this transfusion is that when the cyclist is feeling fatigued due to the lack of oxygen being dispersed through their body they quickly and discreetly remove some of the bad blood and adding the fresh blood, thus adding fresh oxygen to the athletes’ blood stream and making them perform for a longer period of time. There is no real drug test for proving that an athlete is blood doping but it still remains a banned substance and technique for boosting performance. Blood that is stored poorly can and will lead to serious illnesses, blood clots, and heart attacks. This is caused by the temperature of the blood ether being too hot or being too cold and your heart trying to push thick blood through your body. Having a high red blood cell count will dramatically improve an athletes’ performance by reducing the risk of fatigue but increases the risk of heart failure or even death.
One of the greatest names know to the sport of cycling and a well known cyclist across the world, Lance Armstrong held seven consecutive tour de France titles, and made a name for himself early on in carrier as a professional cyclist. In 2010 after lances’ seven consecutive wins in the tour de France, the United States Anti Doping agency began investigating whether he ever used performance enhancers. Claims and accusations like this followed lance for much of his professional carrier. After stepping down from his “livestrong foundation” in October of 2012 later that year lance confessed to using performance enhancing drugs. Armstrong admitted to using multiple drugs including blood doping, anabolic steroids, and multiple strains of EPO. As punishment for this severe offence lance is banned from all FINA events...

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