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Sports reduce stress, anxiety and help fight depression. Regular exercise can bring remarkable changes not just our body, your metabolism, and your heart, even our spirits. Sports it has a unique capacity to exhilarate and relax, to provide stimulation and to counter depression and helps us in relaxing and concentrating on our studies, makes us fit and stay free from diseases. Dissipate stress endurance athletes’ commonly experience the restorative power of exercise to recreate anxiety and depression .sports also help in fighting disease. We also learn not give up in anything. After playing our mind is completely relaxed so we are ready for any task.
I will be discussing about the disease fought through sports and games. I will be also talking about the benefits sports and games. It brings a positive influence on everyone those who play games and makes us get relaxed. When we play games it keeps us fit ...view middle of the document...

The more physical fit you are the more prevention of diseases and death.

Advantages of sports
Doing sports does a tremendous work in our life with so much improvement in us. We can live long if continue with our sports.
It helps in our education. Maintains our body weight. Influences us in drinking lot of water which also purifies our blood. More the physically we are the death rate is less and reducing the amount of medicines.
Evolution of drugs in sports
Sports people take drugs so that they perform better in their event or anything. Taking drugs just helps in providing energy. Mostly this taken by the boxers or the athletes. Boxers take this because they don’t feel the pain while the tournament or even in their future. Athletes take so that they are provided with energy and lots of stamina to complete their race.
Types of drugs that the sports people use.
Diuretics this are drugs they are also called as water pills. This include Frusemide, Chlorothiazide and Hydrochlorothiazide. Purpose of these drugs is to remove excess water and keep the body empty and perform well so that they are able to win in their task.
Side effects of diuretics
Hypotension(low blood pressure)
Muscle cramps
Muscle weakness
Gout(caused by a build-up of uric acid)
2. Anabolic Steroids
Anabolic androgenic steroids (AAS’s), these are derivatives of the hormone testerone.there are 2 types (AAS)
First one is the exogenous and the next one is the endogenous.
This drugs help in increasing aggressive behaviour.
3. Erythropoietin\
This drug is used by cyclists. This is naturally occurring hormone, which is secreted by kidneys to produce red blood cells. Side effects of this (EPO)
Increases viscosity (Thickness) of the blood.
S.1what if there were no rules in football?
If there are no football rules then many the footballers would have been injured and eventually there would be no football game existence. We would not know some of our great role models in football and we would have not gained football tricks and lost their interest in football. Some People would become lazy.
Possible course of action

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