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Do you think that sports and religion have any similarities? Today, sports can be argued as being a religion. Sports and religion share various similarities that lead people to believe that it is a religion. The earliest start of sports recorded dates back to 1800 B.C. where the ancient Mayans played a game to determine who was in better favor of the gods and who would be sacrificed. Over the years sport has evolved into more than just a game. It has become a lifestyle for people who are very committed and devoted to it. Sport is extremely similar to religion and therefore makes sense to compare the two but because of the growing popularity of the sports it has grown into its very own ...view middle of the document...

Sports have been intertwined with religion since the times of ancient Greece. The people of Greece who worshiped beauty thought to use demonstrations of athletic ability to please the gods. The Olympic games, which were the most important athletic events for the Greeks were part of religious festivals, which held sacred athletic contests in sacred locations. These contests were religious acts that were staged to honor Zeus, the king of the gods. Athletes who took part in these Olympic games did it in order to please Zeus and they believed the prizes they won came from him. The athletes who came out of the games victorious placed their awards on an alter presenting their prizes to Zeus thanking him for them. Sports have always started with religion and religion being its motive for the athletes to keep participating. In the ancient Mayan times they played a sport called “Chichen Itza” which means “at the mouth of the wall of Itza.” This game was played on what was called a ball court which was actually a field. The court was about the length of a football field and had two opposing walls that stood 26 feet tall with a sideways ring which would be a modern day hoop that stood 23 feet tall. The game was usually played with seven players and a rubber ball. The object of the game was to get the ball through the ring without using their hands or feet but ancient pictures prove that hands were involved. This game was usually very brutal and extremely competitive. It is said that the captain of the winning team would offer his head to the opposing team’s captain who would then decapitate him. This was believed to be very honorable. The captain who had won was believed to have gone straight to heaven instead of taking the 13 steps that the Mayans believed they had to do to get there. It is also said that the losers of the game were sacrificed to the gods as well. These games were also said to have been played to the death. There is a lot of speculation that sports were played simply for entertainment but there is evidence that proves sports were played for two reasons. Entertainment was indeed part of the reason but the ultimate reason was for religious purposes.
In the world today sports have emerged as being its own religion. Professors form various different schools in religious studies have argued that sport has indeed become its own religion. There are many similarities between sports and religion, that prove sport have become its own religion. There are your more...

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