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Sports And Too Much Money. Essay

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To Much MoneyDo you think that many of the athletes in sports are over paid. I believe that you have to be extremely talented to become an elite athlete. There are so many exciting athletes, and so many of them bring so much revenue into the entertainment industry. But with all the money all the athletes bring in, are they really worth what they get paid. Why would the owner of a sports organization pay so much to the athletes. I think that the entertainment industry would still have a good revenue with athletes with a smaller payroll. There is absolutely no excuse for why they get the big cash. I don't watch the San Francisco Forty-Niners because they over pay there star players, I simply watch them because they are an exciting organization and great competition in the NFL. You don't have to over pay athletes to get an exciting and entertaining game. They also become famous and many of the athletes get endorsed by large companies and corporations. So why should they get so much cash, when they don't deserve it. What about our policemen, firefighters, and teachers they should be getting paid more for what the do for each other and our communities. Don't over pay the athletes, lower their payrolls because they don't deserve them. We have other people that deserve the higher payrolls than sports athletes.Can you take the pressure of a sports athlete, could you handle all the attention along with the media, do you think that you can come back to win a game, when you are losing by so many points? I won't deny that athletes are extremely talented and great at what they do, but why should they get so much money. I believe if the sports industries would create salary caps or lower them more than what they are at this moment it would be a lot more competitive. If I know that the team that I was playing for could only give me so much money, to allow me to play for that team I would be happy with the salary that they offer me in my contract and I would play more harder and not worry about how much money other players are making. If I play I want to play to win and I don't care about how much money I am making. I am famous, and sports fans love me. I will make so many people happy with watching me play. Sports I believe is America's past time. Many fans revolve their lives around sports. Although it is very entertaining should we have to pay our players so much money just to entertain us. So lower the salary caps it wont hurt the players at all. The players are great and do so many different things for sports entertainment. But they don't need so much money just to play a great game.Who is LeBron James? This guy is making to much money. James came from his high school and signed a multimillion dollar...

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