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Growing up, every child has their own dream of what they want to become someday. Along with many other children, my professional dream has changed countless times; finally coming to the ultimate decision of wanting to become an Athletic Trainer. As a girl who loves sports more than some of the men out there and even more so, loves helping people; I figured, why not combine my two passions? Sports Medicine Today, Recent Advances Sports Medicine, and Medical Practices in Sports, are compelling and useful articles in understanding the profession of an athletic trainer.
Being an athletic trainer is so much more than just helping athletes on and off the field. Athletic Trainers are highly qualified, multi-skilled, health professionals who work alongside physicians to provide the best care possible to athletes. They provide preventative services, emergency care, clinical diagnosis, therapeutic intervention, and rehabilitation of injuries and other medical conditions to help get the athletes back doing what they love. While the numbers of athletes rise by the day, the development of sports medicine have been among the factors that have made this growth possible.
According to Sports Medicine Today by Allan J. Ryan “An increased knowledge of exercise physiology has provided a scientific basis for the establishment of better program training and conditioning, including a rational approach to nutrition for those engaged in sports; an improved understanding of the mechanisms and specific pathologies of sports injuries has led to means of preventing these injuries...” All training that is taught is designed to achieve a particular objective for the athletes although these objectives can only be reached by repetition, averaging out approximately three times weekly, preferably not consecutively (Ryan 920). One reason training is important is to improve flexibility and strength. Flexibility can not only be improved by stretching out muscles and ligaments but the best results are seen in those who best developed strength symmetrically. The more the muscles are strengthened, the better the endurance will be. Endurance of an individual muscle is dependent on its strength and ability to contract repeatedly over time, the more stretching that is done. Although most people like to think that free weights such as barbells are the best bet for building strength and muscle groups, an individual can use his or her own body weight doing push-ups or pull-ups to develop particular muscle groups. This article is compelling and useful in the same ways. The average humans working out think that the best way to gain muscle are by lifting free weights or weights in general whereas that is not the case and this article proves that statement. Muscle endurance and strengthening can also be done by one’s own body weight. All of this is very important information that an athletic trainer teachers his or her athletes while training to help reduce the risk of injuries.
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