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Sports Arousal Essay

1308 words - 5 pages

Kinesiology 140

Arousal Assignment- 10 points possible

Name: Avi Bridge

Before you begin this assignment, review the difference between arousal and anxiety. They are not the same construct. If you write this assignment based on anxiety, you will not score well.

Watch a sporting event of your choice, either on television or in person.

Identify as many observable behavioral arousal responses from the athletes as you can.

Write them down!

Write a report (minimum 1 page, double-spaced, 12 point type) following the outline below based on your observations. Save your document as yourlastname_arousalpaper (e.g., Buck_arousalpaper).

List the event.

List the competitors involved.

List the athlete observed.

List the athlete's position (pitcher, point guard, etc.).

List the specific behavioral responses observed (e.g., walking with head down, clapping, hustling on/off the court).

Your analysis of the arousal levels based on these responses. That is, based on these behaviors, what is the level of arousal of the athlete (high, medium, low)? Why do you make this assumption?

Your analysis of the effects of these arousal levels on the athlete's performance. That is, how is this level of arousal affecting the play of the athlete (for better or for worse)? Explain your answer.

You must link your analysis to one of the theories discussed in lecture (e.g., drive theory). Explain how this theory explains your athlete's behavior.

The scoring guide is as follows:


Target (2)

Acceptable (1)

Unacceptable (0)

Writing mechanics (e.g., grammar, punctuation)

Writing is error free, including punctuation, grammar, and typographical errors.

Writing contains one to three writing errors, including punctuation, grammar, and typographical errors.

Writing contains > four writing errors, including punctuation, grammar, and typographical errors.

Formatting (e.g., page length, font, spacing)

Follows all formatting requirements with no errors.

Paper contains one to two formatting errors.

Paper contains > three formatting errors.

Depth of analysis

Student brings new insight; presents relevant and legitimate information that clearly supports the central purpose and shows a thoughtful, in depth analysis

Student presents a moderate amount of insight that supports the central purpose with some weakness.

Student only skims the surface of the content. No new insight is presented.

Content accuracy (theory)

The arousal theory is correctly applied to the content of the paper. Student shows a deep understanding of theory and how to apply it.

The theory is incomplete, suggesting some components of the material are not understood.

Inappropriate concepts are applied. The proposed theory has no relation to the content.


There is a logical flow from the behaviors observed...

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