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Sports: Barrel Racing Essay

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Barrel racing is categorized under the sport of rodeo and is most likely to be associated with the Women’s Professional Rodeo Association and the National Barrel Horse Association. The sport of rodeo also includes bull riding, team roping, and tie down roping and can be mostly associated with the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association. Even though the sport of rodeo in mainly dominated by men, barrel racing is the biggest outlet for women to show their skills in such a male dominated sport.
Even though any breed is allow to participate in barrel racing, the American Quarter horse is the most predominate breed in the sport mainly because it is the most versatile of all breeds and has the speed and agility to bend around the barrels. When it comes to types or bloodlines of the horse it is more of a personal opinion. A competitor can choose a horse that is more for racing in order to provide a faster horse or a cutting horse that is will provide more maneuverability and a smaller bend around the barrels. One good ideal is to pair racing and cutting bloodlines in order to produce a horse with the ideal combination of speed and agility.
The saddle is the one very important piece of equipment this is used to barrel race. The saddle must be tailored to the horse and most of the time the rider chooses a saddle that is up to a full size smaller than he or she would normally use. Saddle pads and cinches must me chosen to fit the horse properly. Even though the saddle is important, the bit is most likely the most important piece of equipment to the rider in barrel racing. The bit is most often chosen based on the two concepts of a bit with a longer shank allows for a quicker stop due to the additional leverage on their mouth and a bit with a shorter shank is used for more lateral work. Curb chains, tie-downs and nosebands are also used in unification with the bit. Split reins are almost never used in barrel racing. Martha Josey Knot reins are most popular for barrel racing because knots allow for a better grip.
The facilities are any area that can establish ninety feet between the 1st and 2nd barrel, one hundred and five feet between the 1st and 3rd barrel; 2nd and 3rd barrel, and sixty feet between the 1st and 2nd barrel. The footing and terrain must be flat in order to provide a fair run for every horse and rider. The soil usually used is normally sand or dirt but most riders usually prefer dirt.
The biggest skill that is needed is excel is horsemanship. The main concept and hardest part of riding is the ground, so don’t hit it. Balance is an element of horsemanship that applies most in barrel racing. The rider has to let the horse do what it has been trained to do without interfering in any way while offering the horse some guidance in the direction it should travel. The rider must put the horse in the...

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