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Sports Companies Using Instagram For Promotions And Discussions

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In today’s ever changing and adapting social media landscape, one thing is certain-businesses need a personal yet still organic platform to express themselves. Instagram is one social media tool in particular that is helping in the promotion and marketing of individual sports events, sports organizations and sports entities. Even though Instagram is a relatively young company, its reach and popularity is very massive. According to Jenn Herman’s Maximize Social Business (#MSB) article in just three years Instagram has established over 150 million users, which is a faster growth trajectory than Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. In addition to such a massive user base, 60% of those users are outside of the US making global expansion and reach a strong possibility. Sports businesses can effectively use this medium to promote itself and any of its affiliates, sponsors, advertisers and partners.

Sports company can use Instagram to visually tell a story about themselves or their associates. Sports companies can build up their brand and/or maintain their brand by using Instagram as a window into the company operations and the impact they have on a local, regional and national level. The sports company can organically market itself with clever pictures and #Hashtag campaigns attached with those clever pictures. The sports companies can Instagram to effectively advertise themselves and promote future transactions and interactions within their site(s). If the #Hashtag picture campaign is distinct and clever enough with a strong reaction and support from the consumers, the promotion of the sports company is effectively seen through data and statistics stored within the Instagram site. A sports company can promote an event with proper upload and tagging of photos that have the appropriate Hashtags that are unique and proper for what is being published. Doing the photo sharing in real-time allows the sports companies’ pictures to spark up conversations and help build trending topics and discussions. The pictures being uploaded to Instagram can highlight loyal fans, causal fans and vested partners of the sports company that spark social reactions and discussions.

Instagram could effectively help cross-promote a sports companies’ sponsors and partners. Sports companies can report company news (sponsors/partners) via Instagram by using it as a public relations tool to announce news visually. Sports companies can go behind the scenes of what’s happening at the sports company. These candid and personal photos from behind the scenes can help promote that sports companies’ sponsors and partners by enabling natural conversations and life experiences from the consumers. A real advantage of utilizing this social media site is that the posted pictures can be tailored and tagged to reach certain targeted audiences and pique the interests of even the non-sports fan. Using the website to post and...

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