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Sports, Crime, And Money Essay

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In the Sports Illustrated article,” Here’s the Real Crime,” the author, Rick Reilly, believes that popular athletes shouldn’t be given better treatment than an average person when they commit a crime. Reilly argues that these athletes shouldn’t be kept on a golden pedestal just because of their abilities, and be treated like everyone else when they commit a crime. Reilly explains that Brandon Jackson, the football player, is charged of “six counts of aggravated robbery with a deadly weapon, each of which carries a sentence of five years to life if he's convicted,” (Reilly Par. 2) and, just because he is great out on the field, there are no consequences. Reilly also describes how the NHL is no exception with player Todd Bertuzzi, of the Vancouver Canucks, being allowed to play after breaking the neck of “the Colorado Avalanche's Steve Moore in a flat-out, cheap-shot mugging.”(Reilly par. 19)
I agree with Reilly’s claim that athletes and performers shouldn’t be given immunity from the law, and that they should be dealt with just like everyone else when they break a law. That is the overall argument Reilly make, but focusing on just on Jacksons case: Although the coaches’ jobs are mainly to build a good game winning team, should they really go so far as taking kid out of jail so that he can play for their team? Sure they are trying to help the kid make a better future for himself, but this doesn’t happen only in highschool football. These things also happen in professional sports, for example Michael Vick pleaded guilty to felony dog fighting charges and was sentenced to 21 months in prison. But after an amazing championship run with the Atlanta Falcons, everybody forgot about what he did and, once again, fell in love with him and put his recent criminal history behind him. They only see how great he is on the field and consider him, "reformed." People are part of the problem too; some people defend these criminals because they don’t want to see their team lose a big game because their star player isn’t there because of committing a crime.
This is the biggest fault in American sports society today. Americans and athletic divisions are too forgiving of athletes as long as they are able to perform on the field. Once an athlete accomplishes a big feat in an athletic arena, people are quick to only judge them based on their on-field actions. Another famous example is O.J....

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