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Sports Have No Room For Performance Enhancers

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People talk about the great players that have played before, Lawrence Taylor, Babe Ruth, Muhammad Ali, Wayne Gretzky, and Michael Jordan. These players were amazing athletes who played the game they loved every day. These legends would give one hundred and ten percent every time they stepped onto the field, into the court, or onto the rink. One thing we do not associate with these players is the use of any illegal substances to boost their level of play. But today we have gold medalists being stripped of their Olympic medals, players facing a lifetime ban, and every day another athlete being suspended for a shorter period of time. The use of performance enhancers in any professional sport is unfair to the hard-working athletes who do not participate in the drugs, the fans who look up to them, and to the sport itself, the people who infringe on the rules of using the illegal substances, such as steroids, gene therapy, human growth hormones, and blood doping should be excommunicated from the game they play if they take the drugs knowingly.
There are many different types of performance enhancers today that can be easily obtained by players in professional sports. Lean mass builders are a type of performance enhancer that promotes muscle growth along with recovery time after an injury. Two examples of these type of drugs are steroids and human growth hormones or HGH. Another method of performance enhancement is blood doping. Blood doping is when you take red blood cells out of the body weeks before event. Then prior to the game, match, or event the person puts the red blood cells back into the body. When you do this it increases the amount of red blood cells you have in the blood, which increases the amount of oxygen that the blood can carry. Some other types of performance enhancers that are not really known are stimulants, painkillers, relaxants, and diuretics (Wallace 3).
Anabolic steroids are what people get confused with other drugs today. Anabolic steroids are a drug that help build muscle tissue and increase body mass. It acts like the body’s natural hormone, testosterone, to do the functions of building mass. Many sports players use steroids to help better their game because in most sports being strong and having agility gives you a greater advantage to achieve success. Many different associations including Major League Baseball (MLB), the National Football League (NFL), and the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) have a permanent ban to this drug. Anyone who uses steroids and is caught while being a current professional athlete in the league can face a huge penalty. These penalties should become stronger and more enforced. Instead of having random drug tests on players, these tests for steroids should be occurring more often. Even before the season starts, it should be prominent to test players in the case of using steroids (Steroids 3). Barry Bonds, former San Francisco Giant, is a well-known player who use steroids...

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