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Sports Fans Essay

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Sports are a huge part of American culture. With football, basketball, and baseball being the most popular, the sports industry is worth an estimated 422 billion dollars. Of course, there would be no sports industry without the fans. The fanatics are what make sports so special. Even though each devotee is unique, most can be categorized into four main groups – Bandwagon fans, Casual fans, Hometown/True fans, and Coaches.
The Bandwagon Fan
We all know this guy. A Bandwagon Fan jumps from team to team based on popularity. If their supposed favorite team is struggling, they’ll move on to another team. A lot of the time, they don’t begin to root for a team until the playoffs. A Bandwagon Fan ...view middle of the document...

They’re just there for the experience. A Laid-back Fan knows about the team but doesn’t particularly care about the outcome of the games. They don’t get overly excited after a win or get too upset after a loss. They watch games when they have time and their schedule doesn’t revolve around their team.
Pros of being a Clueless Fan – You aren’t committed to a team so you don’t lose sleep over a loss. You can also go to bed early because you don’t have to watch the big game and get things done unlike most sports fans. Con – you want others to think that you know what’s going on so you constantly have to act like you care when you really don’t.
Pros of being a Laid-back Fan – Like a clueless fan, you won’t lose much sleep over a loss. You’re not emotionally tied down to team so you can watch a game without caring too much of the result. Cons – there honestly aren’t any.
The “Hometown” Fan/True Fan
The Hometown Fan is the most common type of fan. They root for every sports team from their city or state. In Michigan, a Hometown Fan would root for the Pistons, Red Wings, Tigers, and Lions. This fan is usually considered the most loyal fan of all because they stick with their team no matter what. These are the people you see at home games and they are very committed. A Hometown Fan doesn’t necessarily have to live in a certain state or city to be considered one. What makes Hometown Fans special is that they don’t necessarily care about how well or bad their team is doing, but they’re always there to show their support.
Pros of being a Hometown Fan – you’re a real fan so you never have to worry about someone calling you a Bandwagon Fan. Also, being a Hometown Fan makes you feel like you’re part of the team because the players wear the name of your hometown proudly on their jerseys. Cons – Chances are, if you live close to the city where your team plays,...

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