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"Sports Field" By Judith Wright: "Explore The Distinctive Qualities Of The Poem, Explain How The Poem Reflects Wright's Concerns And Explain Her Literary Styles And Values Implied"

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Judith Wright once said in an interview, "I write poetry because it's one way to understand life". Being able to understand life and how it works seems to be Wright's intention in the poem Sports Field, a poem that she was inspired to write after going to a school sports day. The entire poem is a metaphor for a deeper understanding of children, in the ball games and races they participate in, representing their individual life-courses. In "Sports Field", Wright emphasizes the values of innocence and experience.Wright has cleverly used this poem as an allegory. On the surface, one would say that the poem is about anxious children all wanting to win their races, with some children losing and others winning. However, the poem goes much further than that. What Wright wants the reader to understand is that the sports day is actually a training ground for the world, where the children learn to grow from their parents and take on the hard ways of the world. The races and ball games in which the children participate represent their individual life-courses. To explain this, there is a rich development of symbolism all throughout the poem. The poem begins with the field, which symbolizes the start of life, when a baby is born. "Naked all night the field/ breathed its dew until/ the great gold ball of day/ sprang up from the dark hill." The great gold ball of day, the sun, is like a ball itself, which flows with the theme of athletic competition. In the second stanza, "... the children come/ the field and they are met/ their day is measured and marked..." describes how these 'babies' meet with life. This metaphor of their day being measured and marked shows how at this stage, life is set out by the children's parents. This is an excellent representation that the reader can relate to as it describes the general life pattern that the average child (as the reader was at one stage also a child) goes through. The significance of the symbolism is strongly spelt out in the fifth stanza and also adds to Wright's deep meaning of the poem. The "starter's gun" is the beginning of the children's individual journeys, the "lane" is the road - the way they decide to take and follow, and the contrast in "the ball dropped and held" shows how some will succeed and gain along the way, and others will lose. The field changes from being an empty piece of earth to being a measured field and at the end, when it's empty again, it goes back to being just a piece of earth, symbolizing the end of the child's life journey. The large amount of symbolism used in this poem gives it a distinctive quality and distinguishes it from other poems, as to find a poem with so much symbolism and hidden meanings is not very common.Sports Field, unlike a lot of Judith Wright's poetry, does not involve Wright's concern and commitment to the environment and towards Aboriginal people, but discusses the character of human nature. Her concern about the general nature of humans was triggered when she...

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