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Sports Hazing Essay

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Hazing: A Good Way to Build Unity in Sports.Initiation is an important part of hazing in any level of sports. It gives new members of the teams a sense of belonging; it builds common experiences among the whole group and sets norms among them necessary for performing. It is also an essential aspect of gaining acceptance into an organization (Driver 1). Comminutes is the ultimate goal for initiation. It is the causing of community spirit, equality, and togetherness for new members (Myers 1). Team unity is a very important part to coming and playing on a new team where the rookies just want to make them self-part of the team and the outside group. Initiation is a point where the younger people on the team get to see what the seniors had to go through to get on the team as well and it also builds unity and bonding for the young guys with the older guys on the team. Hazing is a good way to make the younger guys on the team to see they have to trust the seniors on the team when being hazed this builds trust throughout the team. Is hazing a good thing or bad thing to do to new comers to a team to build unity and bonding.Hazing is a broad term encompassing any action or activity which does not conciliate to the positive development of a person; which inflects or intends to cause physical or mental harm or anxieties (province 1). Hazing has been around for many generations. It existed in ancient and medieval schools in Greece. Another definition of hazing is, any type of physical activity such as sleep deprivation, exposure to weather, confinement in a restricted area, calisthenics, or other activity that subjects the student to an unreasonable risk of harm or that adversely affects the mental or physical health or safety or the student (Farrey 1). Hazing involves things that require new members to show subservience to older members of the team, lowering the self-esteem of the new people on the team. Hazing lets the senior members know that the new people value membership in a sport team then are joining. Many activities that have been considered as hazing are paddling or striking, marking or branding, treating a person in degrading manner, causing indecent exposure, requiring uncomfortable of embarrassing dressing, and dropping unknown food into the mouth of new members (province 1). Hazing has been a problem for young kids to be afraid to join sports team because they know they will be hazed and sometimes hazing gone bad can lead to death. "It's been a tremendous problem since 1970. Where either in a hazing or pledging related incident, we've had a death a year since 1970" (Farrey 1). Out of all organization sports is the third highest percent of people reported in getting hazing in an organization at 35%. Over about 24% of students who join a sport team are being hazed, that is about 800,672 people who go out for sports team (Alfred 1). People who are doing the hazing to the new members of the team are doing everything in their power to aggravate the...

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