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The 1920’s was a great time for The United States. It was called the Roaring 20’s for a reason. One of the reasons why it was so great was because of the emergence of professional sports and Sports heroes. We had Babe Ruth one of the greatest players ever in Baseball. Also had Red Grange who helped Football become what it is today. We have Caroline Ederle who became the first women to swim across the English Channel. Then we have the phenom Bobby Jones who took the golf world by storm.
Babe Ruth is one of the biggest names in sports. Babe Ruth was born on February 6, 1895 in Baltimore. He was one of eight children. His mother was a saloonkeeper. He went to St. Mary’s Industrial School for Boys where he learned to play baseball. Jack Dunn who played for the Baltimore Orioles saw him and decided to adopt him. After he was adopted Dunn sold him to The Boston Red Sox. While he was with the Red Sox he inaugurated the “Big Bang” style of batting. But in the year 1920 Babe Ruth was sold to the New York Yankees for $100,000 and a $350,000 the money would go to funding of a play on Broadway. When he arrived at New York he exploded with popularity. He was a media star he helped the newspapers because everyone wanted know about him. But he also produced on the field. While with the Yankees he won seven championships, four World Series titles, and set the record for most homeruns in a season with 60 in 1927. Some people call the old Yankee stadium the stadium Babe Ruth built. He has helped make the Yankees what they are today. The Boston Red Sox could have the success of the Yankees if they had kept Babe Ruth. At the end of his career he had the second most home runs with 714, batting average of .342.
Harold Edward “Red” Grange was born on June 13, 1903 in Folksville, Pennsylvania. After his mother died him and rest of his family moved to Wheaton Illinois. He was diagnosed with a heart murmur when he was young but he kept on playing. When he arrived at college he wasn’t going to go out for the football team. But his friends convinced him and he was on first team after the try outs. That year Illinois went undefeated and Grange was named an all-American. Grange changed the social and economic climate by changing people’s views of what the best sport is. Before him no one ever took football seriously and Baseball was the dominant sport. So those made people want to go to college more. With more kids going to college more people got a better job. After playing his final game at Illinois he signed with the Chicago Bears. Before he signed with the Bears no one respected the NFL. They didn’t...

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