Sports Injuries And The Effects Of Exercise Addiction On The Body.Also Looking At The Female Eating Disorders Relating Them To Sports

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Sports Injuries

Addiction is the condition of being habitually or compulsively occupied with or involved in something.

Exercising a lot can cause exercise addiction or hypergymnasia. Exercise addiction is when someone feels they have to exercise continuously to change the way they look or feel and to improve their performance to the point where they cannot control this addiction.

The positive effects of exercise are:

·It is good for the body

·Increases social skills (mixing with lots of new people)

·Improves health

·Helps to relieve stress

·Helps rehabilitation (physiotherapy)

·And exercising is normally fun

Exercise has many benefits but if exercise is abused it can cause many problems for the athlete.

The negative effects of exercise are:

Over training which can cause injury and many other problems

·Decrease in performance

·Decrease in appetite

·Increased susceptibility to colds and flu's


·Mood swings

·Decrease in bone density due to repetitive strain injury

·And also an ADDICTION

There are many reasons why we get addicted to exercise, we try to control our weight, we try to increase our self-esteem overall, we want to increase our body image and confidence, we try to increase our self efficacy, try to increase our mood and also to improve out health and lower risks of diseases and illnesses later on in life. All these contribute to people exercising and then becoming addicted physically as well as psychologically. As people become addicted to exercise, especially women, they tend to suffer from anorexia and bulimia.

Self-esteem is pride in oneself; self-respect.

Self-confidence is confidence in oneself or one's own abilities

Body image is the subjective concept of one's physical appearance based on self-observation and the reactions of others.

Self-efficacy is the quality or property of being efficient of oneself.

Exercise helps to increase self-esteem by increasing the person's confidence in themselves and also their body image, once their body image increases they begin to believe in themselves and feel more confident with their body. Because they need to feel more confident with their bodies people tend to adjust their diets lowering food intake. If they alter their diet too much then they can become very distracted from the actual reality of their situation and this can lead to eating disorders because of the compulsiveness of their need to lose weight and have a better body image. So when they begin this cycle they begin over exercising, they then reduce their calorie intake, this can then lead to a reduced amount of body fat and their menstrual cycle becomes dysfunctional (this is amenhorrea). When this happens...

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