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Sports Leadership Behavior Essay

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COURSE: Graduate Diploma in Business Studies (endorsed in Coaching) PAPER: 152.318 Sports Psychology and Leadership for Managers and Coaches ASSIGNMENT: 1 TOPIC: Research in the sport leadership area has been conducted under the general assumption that the type of leadership behaviour exhibited by a coach will have a significant impact on the athlete's performance and/or on their psychological or emotional well being.What evidence exists to support this general assumption? A predominantly transformational leadership style of coaching will significantly enhance (that coaches) athletes chances of reaching his/ her inherent potential, both within their chosen sport and as a direct consequence of such coaching, holistically as an emotionally strong, mentally tough, well balanced person.This essay will deal specifically with coaching young adults and adults. How we as coaches can get the personal best performances out of this group. Fiedler (1964) stated in his Contingency Model on effective leadership. "The appropriate leadership style depends on the skill level, age, and maturity of group members." [P 168]. When coaching children or junior athletes it is conceded that a predominantly transactional (as opposed to transformational) style of coaching approach would be most appropriate in teaching the fundamental skills, techniques and tactics required to play the chosen sport. A charismatic predominantly transformational coaching approach would be inappropriate in this example and several other circumstances. It is very much "˜horses for courses' as a coach. The successful coach must decide on the balance required between transactional and a transformational leadership style, depending on his/ her personal relationship with individual athletes.In this essay I will look at the transformational end of the coaching continuum. The area that I believe and will argue in this essay, makes the winning difference in top level, competitive sport. As a leading American Football Coach stated recently in an interview on Sky Television (1999), in response to the question "˜What makes an elite (Football) coach?' He said, "Coaching has changed plenty over the years. Players are relatively close in terms of physical attributes, their strength, speed, specific skills, technical and tactical understanding of the game. As a coach its harder to get an edge in these areas. What hasn't changed in coaching is the interaction with the players"¦. that'll never change. It's superior people skills coupled with being innovative as a coach that's the key I believe, and that is what I strive for as coach with my team".This essay will strongly support and champion the transformational leadership style of coaching over that of a predominantly transactional approach. The following evidence, examples and history of sport leadership thought will look to further cement the introductory statement. At the very least, those predominantly transactional, authoritative and...

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