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Sports Marketing Essay

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Sports marketing is a delicate balance applying technology, posters, banners, and sports figures to ultimately increase the net worth of a specific team or sport. Wake Forest University outlines what sports marketing is, the skills necessary to effectively market sports, in addition they offer sources to supplement their article. As Wake Forest University hinted at technology is surging forth in the world of sports marketing, as generations are becoming more dependent on technology sports marketers are scrambling to incorporate technology into every sport and game possible. Joe Gillespie from Mediapost Publications, unravels the innovation being established within the 49ers brand new stadium equipped with bathroom line updates, instant replay, even food delivery. The world is at the hands of the fan, as the stadium will quickly become the NFL fan paradise. As Gillespie exposed a positive way in which technology is incorporated into the sports marketing world Steve Parker asserts that technology may be hurting the sports world. Parker reveals, that the emergence of technology especially in the realm of sports aims to an overall decrease in stadium attendance across the board. Technology presents itself as a positive and a negative, implying that the negative came before the positive, but now as sports marketers scramble to not only incorporate technology into the game experience, but also make going to the stadium as much of an enjoyable experience as possible. Sports marketing is equally affected by technology just as much if not more by America’s economy. Gwen Burrow from EMSI the career building company offers a more formal evaluation of the actual sports revenue, and economic factors, even going as far to argue our economy needs sports as a whole. It is clear that the economy plays a huge role in sports marketing, in fact some of the most valuable teams do not even have a good track record. They are valuable because they have been effectively marketed. Mike Ozanian writer from Forbes Magazine specifically evaluates how much the Dallas Cowboys are worth, which comes to an astounding 2.1 Billion dollars contrary to their actual talent within the NFL. Sports marketing is about effectiveness, if the right skills are possessed and technology obtained, teams who are not very talented can still rake in a large sum of revenue.
Sports marketing is about effectiveness and skill. Wake Forest warns “The hours are long and the environment is fiercely competitive…” The importance ultimately is coming up with innovative ways to rake in a larger revenue for a whole sport or just a team. What does it take to be a sports marketer? Wake Forest University stresses seven key attributes to possess to achieve the best results possible. The first attribute is “Attention to detail”, without this competition will surge forward. Attention to detail means catching every minor detail. The second attribute is “Enthusiasm” which means that the marketer demonstrates...

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