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The ultimate goal of marketing is to become a household name, meaning that a product should be well known to everyone. Sports marketing has the same goal, except the product is associated with sports such as sports clothing, teams, or sports drinks. In an article titled “Career and Professional Development: Sports Marketing,” contributors describe the general classification of a sports marketer. The article explains that a sports marketer generally stays at the same level throughout his/her career due to its high satisfaction. Alexandru Mihai writes in his article “The Strategic Sport Marketing Planning Process” that there are certain steps a sports marketer needs to take in order to have success. A few of these steps include organization, advertising and public relations, and implementing promotion of the product as much as possible. The article “Overview of Careers in Sports Marketing” breaks down qualities of a sports marketer including a creative mind and a competitive edge. In addition, the article emphasizes that a sports marketer needs experience and promotion to have success. Jordan Powell writes in his article about Matt Piva, titled “Matt Piva’s Journey Into The Industry” that the successful motocross driver, Matt Piva has dedicated himself to the field of sports marketing and continues to participate in the sport he loves while promoting brands that he believes in. Matt Piva promotes the widely known brand, Skullcandy, and tells Powell that any sports marketer knows that he/she needs promotion and advertisement for success. Chris Conway writes about the famous Redbull energy drink in his article “A Sports Marketing Success Story.” He describes the immense amount of success the company has had due to sponsoring several famous athletes, sports teams or other promotional organizations. All of these articles have a characteristic in common; they all explain that the key to success is promotion. The best way to be successful in the field of sports marketing is to make a product a household name through forming skills, planning and eventually promoting, advertising and sponsoring.
The beginning of a career in sports marketing requires skills specific to the field, but before skills form, people need to know what a sports marketer is. According to the article “Overview of Careers in Sports Marketing,” sports marketers “promote & manage athletes, teams, sports facilities, & sports-related businesses & organizations.” Basically, a sports marketer makes the product such as a sports drink seem desirable to its audience by making advertisements, sponsoring and other tasks to publicize the product. The main goal of sports marketing is to sell the product in the largest sums possible. To do this, certain skills are necessary for success. In an article titled “Career and Professional Development: Sports Marketing,” contributors explain that “A quick mind, a personable attitude, and a good deal of energy are necessary to keep up with all the work.”...

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