Sports Medicine Injuries And Physicians Essay

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Sports Medicine is a medical field that specializes with physical fitness, treatment and prevention of injuries related to sports and exercise. It was introduced around the early Greek and Roman era when the first modern Olympic Games took place. The Greek felt they could do something to help heal and prevent injuries that the athletes were receiving. Now in sports medicine, certain injuries can only be assessed and treated by specific physicians. These physicians can include physical therapists, athletic trainers, and strength and conditioning coaches. Although sports physicians are most commonly seen by athletes after they are hurt so they can be treated, there are some physicians that are seen before an injury occurs so that they can learn how to prevent injuries.
In ancient Greece and ancient Rome, Herodicus first combined sports with health. He is the reason that people realized that exercise and a good diet help better our health. With these realizations, sports training and athletic competitions became very popular and led to the first Olympic Games that took place in Athens, Greece in 1896. These competitions made coaches and fans realize how important and needed it was to stretch and warm up before training events. They wanted to find ways to prevent injuries and also treat them immediately when they occurred during events. The phrase sports medicine was not thought of until the 1928 Olympics in Switzerland which was where the First International Congress of Sports Medicine had their first meeting and became an organization. The First International Congress of Sports Medicine is an international board that is associated with all five continents and promotes research to help optimize health, strength, nutrition, and performance. In 1954, the American College of Sports Medicine was established and is the largest and most prominent college in sports medicine. It teaches students in physical therapy, athletic training, physiology, and more. In 1991, the American Society of Sports Medicine was established and dedicated to research, education, and collaboration of sports medicine.
Injuries can easily happen right before or during a sporting event if not stretched or warmed up correctly. Warm up techniques like stretching and practicing longer can prevent injuries like pulled or strained muscles, sprains, tendinitis, and torn ligaments. Stretching to far or to long can cause also cause pulled muscles. Because of this, it is said that a slight stretching gives your muscles a chance to prepare for an event by gradually increasing blood flow. It also helps muscles to become more flexible giving them an improved ability to move joints around in sports or exercise. Some sources say that stretching cold muscles can cause injuries and it is considered best to stretch after a short conditioning or warm up so that the blood is flowing.
A strain is when a muscle is slightly torn or it is overstretched. This usually occurs when the muscle is forced,...

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