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Sports Memories Essay

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Many people enjoy attending sporting events because they enjoy the action, or perhaps they follow a particular team. Some may follow one team closely for a very long time – possibly their entire life. Unfortunately, sometimes a person’s long-term memory is limited in how much it can remember. You may have attended a football game 10 years ago, but you might not remember it very well. In addition, a game that you attended in person will have a bit of “added meaning” and you may want to document your experiences at that game.

As implied, those sports fans that enjoy attending games have a problem with tracking the events they have attended. I am assuming that most sports fans don’t already meticulously track games and highlights and lowlights of each game. Judging from conversations with fellow sports followers, I think this is a fair assumption to make. I’m also assuming that this is something that would provide value to fans, especially in the long-term. As I have witnessed first-hand friends unsuccessfully trying to recall information about games from a few years ago, I definitely believe that there would be value in this kind of system.

Currently, most people simply store memories in their mind. A benefit to this is being able to recall a piece of information off the top your head instead of needing to look something up. However, I hope to somehow transfer these memories to a more concrete source, available for lookup at a later point in time. I think the most important usability goals for this system would be efficiency (so that the process of storing the information is a quick one) and satisfaction (there would be no point to such a system if the user was not satisfied with its performance). A quality user experience goal would be that it is helpful, as that is one of the main goals of the system.

My solution to this problem is to create a web application that tracks sporting events attended by a person. The user will enter relevant information to the game such as location, teams, final score, highlights and lowlights of the game, and any other “unusual” events that may occur. This game is added to a database, although it may be edited later. The real benefit of the system comes in when the user returns to the application looking for information relating to a past game. The user can search for a specific game by entering one or more fields (sport, location, winner, team, etc.) or simply view all games in the database. Those results will be sortable by a number of categories. This will allow the user to answer a question such as, “How many Husker football...

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