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Sports Played Worldwide Essay

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Volleyball is a popular sport combined with elements of basketball, baseball, tennis, and handball. Originated in the United States, this sport has had over a hundred years of history. It was invented by William Morgan, who served as a director of Physical Education at the YMCA in Holyoke, Massachusetts in 1895. After the first game of volleyball was played at Springfield College in 1896, it started to diffuse in the United States. The first foreign countries to incorporate volleyball was Canada, Asia, and the Southern Hemisphere.
Volleyball has changed over the years, ever since it was invented and now with different rules to follow. Hands are now allowed, rally scoring is ...view middle of the document...

Argentina, Brazil, and Uruguay then began to adopt soccer in South America, and Italy, Germany, and Austria did the same in Europe.
The first time soccer was played, the game did not have any rules. Hands were allowed and the sport became violent towards the teams. Today, it can be played as an exercise, or to compete with other teams globally. Jerseys are now present to represent their country. More nonviolent rules have been made for all players to decrease the percentages of people getting injured through physical contact.
Soccer is one of the most popular sports worldwide. The first World Cup was held in Uruguay. Soccer is the most popular in Brazil, which is also the country with the most talented players. They have won many World Cup tournaments throughout the years. Germany is also one of the best countries after Brazil. German soccer players became famous after playing a match against Brazil. Also, Germany has some of the most skilled soccer players. Soccer has over one hundred years of history around the world with many people playing, both children and adults.
Lawn tennis was invented in France by Major Walter C. Wingfield in 1873, who combined elements from court tennis, squash rackets, and badminton. This sport diffused quickly after it was invented and soon held the first World Tennis Championship in England. Especially in the British Empire, tennis spread rapidly and was very famous in Australia. In 1874, it was introduced to the United States and became one of the popular sports. The Tennis Hall of Fame was built in Rhode Island because of the popularity in the United States.
Tennis equipments today are made of different materials than they were before. The materials such as tennis rackets, tennis balls, and tennis strings have improved the whole sport by playing forehand, backhand, and serving. Amazing speeds are produced because of the different materials that make the equipments lighter, and not heavy. Different techniques are created by professionals and talented tennis players to compete in competitions.
Tennis is the most popular in Spain, with many very skilled players. Spain has created many tennis players who won championships consecutively. Talented players are trained hard to represent the country and win competitions with both male and female national teams.
Badminton originated in India, however, it was diffused as the ‘poona game’. It is played with rackets, a net which divides the court, and a...

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