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Sports Salaries Essay

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Sports Stars' Salaries Most people in America probably have a pretty good argument when they say they are being paid too little to do too much. Professional sports stars, on the other hand, display a lot of nerve when they use such a phrase. Sports stars are also held to lower standards than are other people. With the high salary and low moral standards, sports stars are the most overrated people on the planet.For example, Kevin Garnett is a 23-year-old Basketball player who took the A.C.T test three times in High School, and failed all three times. He also took the S.A.T test once and failed. Kevin decided not to go to college although he was the most highly sought after basketball player that year, and if his test scores were high enough, could attend almost any college through a full ride scholarship. This decision took him to the NBA draft, where the Minnesota Timberwolves selected him in the first round. The T-Wolves signed him for six years for almost 21 million a year. That works out to "125 million dollars to play a game for six years, and he never was college educated"(Lenard, 87). Every year we hear of some new name, some new player in the sports news getting a new record contract which sets a much higher mark and blows away the high from the year before. One must now ask themselves whose fault it is that these men and women are getting paid more and more. Most guesses are that the fans, paying 50 dollars for a ticket, 100 dollars for a jacket, and 20 dollars for a cap, are the ones to blame. The fans are the ones who support these teams and the players. Ticket prices keep going up because more money is needed to pay all of our great, and not so great, players. Knowing that fans will pay anything to watch their favorite star play just jacks prices up that much more.Michael Jordan makes 33 million a year plus another 40 million in endorsements. That's $170 Thousand dollars a day ( no page). Naive consumers believe that just because their favorite athlete wears a certain brand of underwear, wears certain shoes, or eats a certain brand of hot dog, they are obligated to do the same. Why do popular brand name companies think fans should go out and pay these outrageous prices for an ordinary product? The reason they think this is because no matter what price companies charge, there...

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